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Privacy concerns for RFID


Using one of these two topics: ”Business use of RFID” or “Privacy concerns for RFID”, you are required to locate an article from a magazine or newspaper and post a 200 word summary along with the source citing (MLA style) to this forum (title and citing don’t contribute to word count).


Privacy concerns for RFID

Laws Can Ensure Privacy in the Internet of Things

Article Summary

According to the New York Times article, Laws Can Ensure Privacy in the Internet of Things, the world has become noisy and nosy at the same time. The communication devices we use such as cellphones act as nonstop tracking devices. RFID tags are found in many objects that provide information to any radio station that asks for the same. While such communications improve human safety, hackers, the police, or insurance companies can also use the information for the wrong reasons that violate privacy considerations.

Primarily, it has been indicated that people cannot trust the government or business organizations with their information, especially concerning location. Lack of trust prevents the adoption of important technology such as RFID. For instance, the state of California halted the plan to use RFID in the drivers’ licenses. According to the state, the technology is important, as it will help to manage the transport sector. However, people do not have faith in the government and other organizations concerning expression of decency in using personal information. 

The core concern is adopting the new technology while also conserving the core rights of individuals. One suggestion is to include privacy and security features during the manufacturing process. The use of firewall to prevent unauthorized access to personal computers has been successful. The same technology should be applied when manufacturing devices that can be used by other people to access their information. However, it is not practical for technology to solve all privacy challenges. Thus, there is need for more regulation to reinforce existing technological measures. It is possible to build a future with technology without compromising human privacy.





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