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  1. Profit, Nonprofit, and Government Health Care Organizations    


    Discussion: The Differences Between Profit, Nonprofit, and Government Health Care Organizations   



Subject Nursing Pages 2 Style APA


The Differences Between Profit, Nonprofit, and Government Health Care Organizations    

For-profit health organizations are facilities that charge the medical services provided to the customers with the intentions of making profits. They operate as any other business outlet. Thus, the government subjects them to the same regulations as other business. For instance, they pay property and income tax-cutting into their profits. Besides, they express limitless investment of their funds. Primarily, they maintain business culture since they are accountable to their shareholders. While they perform treatment of patients, their main concerns are profits. The management of the For profit organizations are conducted by trusted individuals. they are owned by shareholders or invested of public traded companies. For profit health organization, serve more people from lower income regions. The organizations allocate more resources for advertising and marketing to attract more consumers.

None profit health facilities are community based health centers with the primary aim of providing affordable health services to the community. Thus, they are exempted from paying taxes. They are majorly owned by non-profit organizations that only seek to improve the lives of members of the society through provision of affordable healthcare. The little profit received is reinvested in the community they serve. They receive donations that are tax deductable from people willing to improve the health system. They provide more uncompensated care. Non-profit health organizations are mostly located in communities experiencing less poverty. Health organizations allocate more resources to the provision of health services to the people compared to for-profit health organizations.

The government health care organizations are headed and facilitated by the responsible officers of the government. It comes in the form of insurance plan sponsored by the state or the federal government. They provide primary care. The organizations ensure access to quality care services to vulnerable people in the society. they are community based and are found close to the people in various regions within the country.




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