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    esearch Proposal Project: Implementation Plan (Ethics, Recruitment, Data Collection).
    For this section of your research proposal assignment, you will focus on the implementation plan, which includes considerations for ethics, recruitment practices, and a plan for how you will collect your data. Please note that you will not explain how to analyze your data in this section, but rather how you will go about collecting the data.
    The following components must be addressed:
    • Explain how you will ensure your research is conducted in an ethical manner
    • Include a copy of an informed consent that will be included for participants of your research proposal project (see below)
    • Explain how you will recruit participants for your study, and how your recruitment process will remain ethical. Be sure to address any incentives (if applicable)
    • Explain what quantitative data you will collect and how you will go about collecting this data (survey, questionnaire, observation, etc.)




Subject Writing a proposal Pages 6 Style APA


Project Proposal – Implementation Plan

There are a number of factors that must be considered before and when undertaking a project implementation plan. These include ethics, recruitment process and data collection.


Adhering to ethical norms is important in research. Codes of ethics promote the aims of research like truth, knowledge, and avoidance of error.  Since research involves coordination and cooperation of various people, codes of ethics are essential values that promote accountability, respect, collaboration, fairness and trust.

Various ethical issues will be considered in the implementation plan. The first issue that will be essential in the research is informed consent. The people participating in in the research must be informed on various issues before taking part in any evaluation process. All participants will be informed about the major purpose of the study, the funding organization, the impacts of their participation and how the findings of the study will be used. Second, the participants will make voluntary decisions on whether to participate or not. No one will be coerced to take part in the study. Participants will be allowed to withdraw or continue participating at will. In addition, the research will not expose the participants to any harm, whether psychological or physical. The information collected from the participants will be treated with high level of confidentiality. Moreover, participants’ information will not be made available to any party, except the project coordinators.



Consent Form



Principal Investigator


Name of the Department:


Phone Number:



You are being invited to take part in a research study. However, it is important to understand the purpose of the study. Kindly read the form fully.

 The purpose of the study is to…….


  1. Data Collection
  2. Analysis and Evaluation
  3. Implementation




Since it involves experiments, there will be no risks associated with the research, except time.


The information collected will be used for health care provision.


Your responses and information for this interview will remain anonymous.


You will be compensated in case of any loss that you incur while participating in this study.



Phone number:




Your participation will be voluntary, with no form of pressure whatsoever.





I have read and I understood all the information pertaining to the study. I understand that a copy of this consent will be provided to me. Therefore, with no form of coercion, I do voluntarily agree to take part in this research.

Participant’s signature                 Date __________


Investigator’s signature               Date __________


Recruitment of participants involves a number of issues. Some of the key issues in the recruitment of participants include sourcing eligible individuals, explaining the essence of the study, screening them and ensuring that they remain motivated in the entire process.  Before including individuals in the study, there is need to identify the potential candidates. First, the research will consider the local community where the researcher will integrate with the local community and tap the community network to get the most effective participants. Further, there will be advertisements through the internet, flyers and emails where potential participants will be identified.  Family and friends will be reached and requested to participate in the study as respondents. Lastly, I will go to colleges and schools and ask students to fill in questionnaires. Notably, only individuals with a positive attitude and willing to undertake the research will be recruited. Potential candidates will be motivated through trickled monetary incentives that will ensure they keep responding.

To ensure that the recruitment process remains ethical, the candidates will be informed about the selection decision. Communication will be done within the required time-frame to ensure that no person is left hanging. The recruitment adverts will not contain any misleading information and all potential candidates will be treated equally without any form of discrimination. Besides, all the recruitment information will remain confidential; no candidates’ information will be availed to other parties. Only the necessary information will be solicited for before selection.

Collection of Data

Some of the quantitative information that will be collected include patients feeling about the role of nurses in hospitals, the role and effects of medicine in treatments among others. There are several ways of collecting quantitative data for the research. However, on the mentioned issues, face to face interview will be appropriate. This method involves understanding the verbal and non-verbal cues, hence high chances of accuracy. Besides, the researcher is able to control the respondent to a specific research objective. Since the research will involve a small number of people, a face-to-face interview will involve little cots.



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