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    Here are your goals for this project:

    • Define fashion terms, clothing construction terms, and clothing business terms that affect your wardrobe selections.
    • Identify different garment styles.


    To gain a better understanding of fashions, their construction and their sales, study the chart of terms and definitions that follow.



    Look through a clothing catalog, or online to identify three images of clothing, one of which exemplifies style, one illustrates a fad, and the third, a fashion. Ask yourself: Is the item of clothing a particular style? If so, which one? Does the item classify as a fad or a fashion? Then in a paragraph of no less than 125 words, describe the pieces of clothing you chose, stating which category each of your clothing items fits into and why. Record your responses in the writing space provided with this assignment.



Subject Art and design Pages 2 Style APA


Fashion, Fad, and Style

There are different types of apparels that are created by designers today. These apparels fall into different categories including; style, fashion, and fad. Three clothing items have been selected in the Pinterest website in this regard (E B, 2018). The first clothing item is an A-line short skirt with the Galaxy print. This clothing item falls within the fad category. This is mainly because of the use of the galaxy print thereto. Galaxy printed clothes have increasingly been embraced by young consumers. It is however imperative that this kind of design is a passing wave. The second clothing item is an animal-printed short-sleeved top. This falls within the fashion category since it is currently popular and has been popular for a long time. The third clothing item is a white crop top. It falls under the category of style because it has a clearly recognizable design.



E B. (2018). Clothing Items. Pinterest. Retrieved from




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