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    In Section V of your Change Project Proposal, give an appropriate timeframe for the different stages and activities in your proposal:
    Estimate the human and other resources that will be needed to carry out your project. You do not need to include specific dollar amounts, but you should anticipate what each activity requires in terms of resources in general terms.
    Consider whether you will need a certain number of full-time or part-time staff or the services of a contracted firm.
    Consider whether you will need specific software, hospital supplies, laptops, publicity materials, and so forth.
    You may find it useful to use an Excel spreadsheet or other table such as a Gantt chart for presenting this information in the appendix of your project.


Subject Writing a proposal Pages 2 Style APA


Project Time Frame and Resources

                Key consideration factors to foster the success of a project are time and resources. While time allows for completion of all activities without delay, planning for the resources reduces additional costs and wastages. This paper presents the timeframe and different resources that will be used in the change project on enhancing the nurses’ cultural competence.

Time Frame

                This change project will take three months. The key activities in the change project and their time frames will include conducting research on the nurses’ training needs which will take 2 weeks, developing the training program which will also take 2 weeks, and conducting the actual training which will require 4 weeks. The remaining 4 weeks will involve conducting an evaluation of the change effectiveness and establishing key improvement strategies. While 2 weeks will be for conducting the research on the nurses’ cultural competence and patient’s satisfaction on the quality of care, the remaining 2 weeks will focus on addressing the identified flaws and integrating the change in the organizational culture and structure.


                There are three types of resources required for completing this project. These include financial, training, and human. For the finances, this project will require approximately $10000. The finances will be used for purchasing the required materials, facilitating the training, and incentives for the nurses involved in the training process. The training materials, on the other hand, will depend on the specific activities. Key aspects will include writing materials, laptops, and the training area. A projector will also be necessary for demonstrating the training content. For the human resources, this project will require five part-time staff to assist in conducting the training and research. The preferred human resources are registered nurses. Their selection is based on their competence and is aimed at saving costs. The resources, key requirements, and different activities are as outlined in the table below.


Key Requirements and Resources


Research on the nurses’ training needs

Survey monkey, excel spreadsheet, and the five registered nurses.

2 weeks

Developing a training program

The registered nurses and making videos

2 weeks

Conducting the training

·         Setting up the training

·         Actual training


Laptops, the registered materials, writing materials, projector, and training area



1 week


3 weeks

Outcome evaluation (Research on nurses’ cultural competence and patients’ safety and outcome)

Questionnaires, registered nurses, excel software, and space for the focus groups or interviews.

2 weeks

Training modifications and adopting the change

The registered nurses and writing materials.

2 weeks



3 months


In summary, this project will require 3 months for different activities. These will include conducting research on the training needs, developing the training program, conducting the training, and change evaluation.



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