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1.    QSEN Competency: Patient-Centered Care is chosen for the paper.
Discuss about this QSEN Competency and include details about Knowledge, Skills and Attitude of the chosen competency.
2.    Significant Clinical Experience: Select one nursing interaction or situation experienced with a patient and describe it in detail below. In this section, include component 1 (Description) & 2 (Feelings) of Gibbs Reflective Cycle.
–> nursing interaction: taking care of patient that is non-compliant with diabetes medication regimen and trying to educate the patient on proper diabetes care at home.
3.    Summarize Experience: In this section, address components 3 (Evaluation), 4 (Analysis), & 5 (Conclusion) of Gibbs Reflective Cycle in relation to the significant clinical experience described. The conclusion will connect the experience with the QSEN competency.
4.    Action Plan: In this section, address component 6 (Action Plan) of Gibbs Reflective Cycle. The action plan should demonstrate leadership ideas/suggestions/considerations for health system practice modification which will address the identified QSEN competency. Action Plans may be organizational improvements, or technology ideas, or perhaps laws or guidelines. Individual practice improvement plans (ie: those that indicate you would do something different or better next time” are not appropriate for this assignment.

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