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  1. Racism and Discrimination Amongst Women and People of Color



    Write an essay on : Racism and Discrimination Amongst Women and People of Color



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Racism and Discrimination Amongs Women and People of Color




Racism and discrimination against women and people of color has existed since the colonial era (Taylor, 2019). In the United State, particularly areas such as Georgia and Southern Vermont, black women over 20 years encounter different health disparities due to increased racism and discrimination in the healthcare institutions.

Question 1

Yes, the thesis explains my point of view.  It indicates that black women often encounter various sexual and health disparities.  According to my perspective, women of color report the highest number of health disparities such as increased maternal mortalities. This is as a result of increased discrimination and racism by the healthcare providers (Quillian et al., 2017).

Question 2

The thesis centers on reporting facts. For instance, it indicates that racism and discrimination significantly contributes to increased health disparities among black women. Thus, the boards of the healthcare institutions in Georgia and Southern Vermont should implement strict regulations and punishments for healthcare workers who exercise racism and discrimination (DeNinno, 2019).

Question 3

It is a generalization thesis. For instance, it indicates that women and people of color often encountered health disparities in Georgia and Southern Vermont (Srivastava, 2019).




Question 4

The one great verb that I can add in my thesis is eliminate. Thus, the thesis would be racism and discrimination amongs women and people of color should be eliminated in healthcare institutions to reduce health disparities.

Question 5

The thesis can benefit from having a because clause. For instance it would be, healthcare providers eliminate racism and discrimination because it resutls in increased sexual and reprodcutive health disparities.  

Revised Thesis

The boards of the healthcare institutions in Georgia and Southern Vermont, should implement regulations and policies that eliminate racism and discrimination amongst women and people of color because they result in increased health disparities.



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Quillian, L., Pager, D., Hexel, O., & Midtbøen, A. H. (2017). Meta-analysis of field experiments shows no change in racial discrimination in hiring over time. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114(41), 10870-10875. https://www.pnas.org/content/pnas/114/41/10870.full.pdf

Srivastava, R. (2019). Emerging dynamics of labour market inequality in India: Migration, informality, segmentation and social discrimination. The Indian Journal of Labour Economics, 62(2), 147-171. https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007/s41027-019-00178-5.pdf

Taylor, J. (2019). Racism, inequality, and health care for African Americans. https://dataspace.princeton.edu/bitstream/88435/dsp01ng451m58f/1/AfAmHealth_Jamila_PDF.pdf


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