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    Find a spokesperson or leader of an organization who recently did or said something which reflected poorly on the entity. It may be a current news story or conduct internet searches for an incident (less than a year old).

    You will write a 1-½ page report:

    Provide a brief background of the incident and how the company was affected in the news, social media, etc.
    Critique how the company reacted. This is your opinion as an affected party.




Subject Report Writing Pages 3 Style APA


In today’s organizations, there are many reasons why customers change their investment behavior and or quit the organization. Positive communication from the organization’s leaders acts as a motivational tool for the stakeholders and creates an environment that attracts more investors into the organization. This report brings to facts the incident that took place in October 2020 at China’s Ant Group company, Alibaba, where there was a negative communication from the founder in an event in Shanghai.

The Incident

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba company, made controversial remarks in Shanghai, China in October 2020 where he slammed the international banking laws and contrasting the Chinese authorities to have been suffocating the balanced innovations in the country (Business Today, 2021). Chinese authorities retaliated fast with agility response that underscored Jack Ma’s damaging portrayal and this caused an alarm in Alibaba for the existing and potential investors. Chinese authorities stated that Alibaba was facing multiple issues regarding the financial technology that alleged to 37 billion dollars Initial Public Offering (IPO) in its online loans laws. The authorities decided to halter Ant Group’s IPO three days from what they termed as the biggest stock launch globally. This forced the company to withdraw its Hong Kong offerings, an announcement that shocked the world of investment that had submitted 3 trillion dollars bids for the investment. The investment authorities in china began an antitrust probe against Alibaba in December 2020 requiring the company to alter its operations and begun to concentrate on its root transactions (Wright, Feng, & Zheng, 2021). Jack Ma, the founder, began the way to recession with his high-profile investments worth billions. This caused Alibaba various challenges in the investment world and they began their journey to the identity crisis that is even evidenced today.


As a potential investor in the company, I feel that the founder of the company was overjoyed by the high returns on investment he made from Alibaba company and therefore was filled with pride. The company was aiming to establish itself with Behemoth as they maintained a light-handed relationship and compliance with technology firms but eventually, Behemoth regretted to have associated itself with Alibaba to control these negative communication outcomes. Jack Ma would have been wise enough to comply with investment authorities rather than making remarks that cost him losses (Zhang, 2020).

I was discouraged by how the founder of such a successful company, in the beginning, would make such statements that shocked the whole world. Additionally, I am also not convinced by the statements made later by the company public relations officer who said that Jack Ma’s relationship with the company will be resurrected by the initial public offer for investment. I’m also discouraged by the nation’s absolute non-reaction on the IPOs of the company that demonstrates bents in the business and continues to operate in international businesses although this has led to the crisis in the company up to date.


Jack Ma lost control in making his remarks in Shanghai and this enlightened financial technology firms on how to increase their prices than banks and other financial institutions. Negative business communication can extensively affect the future of an organization, this is because many low-income investors and the youth are trapped in debts trying to invest. They also put families and the community at risk as this caused losses to Alibaba company. 


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Wright, E., Feng, S., & Zheng, Y. (2021). Unemployed graduate to the next Jack Ma? A counter-narrative to the entrepreneurship movement in higher education. Higher Education, 1-18.

Zhang, L. I. N. (2020). When platform capitalism meets petty capitalism in China: Alibaba and an integrated approach to platformization. International Journal of Communication, 14, 21.




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