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    Reflect on any incident/event from your clinical placement and relate this to one of the NMBA Competency Standards. Seven NMBA Competency Standards are explained in a pdf file under the e-Portfolio Tab on the Course Activity Page
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    Word limit is 200 words. More is preferred.
    word limit can be 200-500
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    I am currently trying to assess your e-portfolio reflection. You have not clearly related your experience to one of the NMBA standards. I have reverted your submission to a draft. C

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Subject Nursing Pages 3 Style APA


Reflection Assignment 4: Clinical Placement Experience in Relation to Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia Competency Standards

            In my acute care placement experience at Ipswich hospital, from Nov 19, 2018 to Dec 16, 2018, I was attached to the Ward 6B were I worked with rehabilitation patients. I was engaged in development of the nursing plan for individual patients. Besides, my role was to monitor daily activities of each patient and recording their progress reports in respective documents. The plan of care for one of the patients had been upgraded to use of a rollator so as improve his mobility. Unfortunately, he fell after a few days due to muscle stiffness and general muscle weakness. In response, the healthcare team, me included, decided that his care plan be stepped-down first to use of the hoist machine till he was fit enough to use to rollator once more. The decision making process was made in accordance with Standard 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7 of the Nursing and Wifery Board of Australia (NMBA) competency standards (NMBA, 2016).

            Standard 1 requires nurses to think in a critical manner and have a critical analysis of the nursing practice. This was observed. Standard 4 requires nurses to comprehensively conduct clinical assessments in which my team did as we provided care to this particular patient. Standard 5 requires nurses to develop a plan for nursing practice. With respect to Standard 5, we developed a plan of care for this particular patient earlier and revised it once more when we learnt that the plan does not work after the patient fell after being put on a rollator. Standard 6 requires nurses to be able to provide safe, responsive, and appropriate quality nursing practice for all patients. We were obliged to revise the care plan so as to provide safe and high-quality care when we noticed the fall. Standard 7 requires nurses to be able to evaluate outcomes so as to inform nursing practice. Consequently, the hospital required that patients be monitored at all time to address any emerging healthcare needs. However, we failed to observe Standard 3 which requires nurses to engage patients in therapeutic relationship; although in part we maintained our professional relationships as a healthcare team. With respect to Standard 3, I will always ensure that I have maintained my capability for practice through accumulation of practice experience and commitment to a life-long learning process (NMBA, 2016). In conclusion, the patient later used the rollator without any significant challenges after he had received extra person-centered care; thus, promoting his recovery.



NMBA. (2016). Registered nurses standards for practice. Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. Retrieved on Dec 22, 2018 from, https://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/codes-guidelines-statements/professional-standards/registered-nurse-standards-for-practice.aspx














Appendix A:

Communication Plan for an Inpatient Unit to Evaluate the Impact of Transformational Leadership Style Compared to Other Leader Styles such as Bureaucratic and Laissez-Faire Leadership in Nurse Engagement, Retention, and Team Member Satisfaction Over the Course of One Year

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