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  1. Relationship between Rustem and Kai Kaous.



    Discuss the relationship between Rustem and Kai Kaous. How does Rustem’s belief in honor and his loyalty to the shah compare to other epic hero’s actions with regard to loyalty and obedience?    



Subject Literature Pages 2 Style APA


Rustem and Kai Kaous

                The fabled poem of Shahname (Ferdowsi, 2010) depicts the lives of two legendary heroes of Persian historical mythology – Rustem and Kai Kaous – whose relationship greatly informs the idea of honor and loyalty over royalty. In this poem, the legendary valiant, strong, and brave hero, Rustem, is depicted to be of the most admirable character and loyalty to the Shah. Despite his many heroic feats and achievements, including the much celebrated seven heroic trials, Rustem was very obedient and loyal to his father as the King as well as the distant kings he was sent to. At the mention of any errand, Rustem would spring to his horse and deliver the demands of the Shah respectfully. On the other hand, Kai Kaous greatly despises his fellow rulers. In Kai Kaous Committeth More Follies, Kaous even demands to marry the daughter of King Hamaveran, much to his gall. Even more so, Afrasiyab described Kaous as a “man void of sense” in the Saiawush. In a short illustration, these two epic heroes’ characters have been contrasted, each having their own belief on the virtue of honor and loyalty. Even more so, the epic heroism of Rustem stems above many other heroes within this same mythology as he portrayed to have the character of honor. In one amongst the most tragic stories of the poem, Rustem honors his wife Tahmina and leaves her a bracelet of gems as a token of love, honor, and loyalty.




Ferdowsi Tusi, Abolqasem. “Shahname.” Passages were extracted from the Moscow edition by Saeed Hamidian. Fifth edition. Tehran. Qatreh Publications (2010).

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