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  1. Research-Based Evidence


    Discuss the key to improving the quality of healthcare and patient outcomes.



Subject Nursing Pages 2 Style APA


Research-Based Evidence

Research-based evidence is widely acknowledged as the key to improving the quality of healthcare and patient outcomes. Evidence-based research plays a vital role in unveiling knowledge on how evidence can be implemented effectively into practice (Chien, 2019). In relation to this, my assumption is that being a smoker is associated with a higher risk of stroke recurrence than being a non smoker during 1 year after this condition (stroke). However, I would still be receptive of research findings that contradict my assumptions if such findings are supported with the findings of many researchers. It is significant to note that research-based evidence provides significant insight into evidence-supported or backed methods in various sectors of health including workflow issues, central line care, supply management, infection control, direct patient care, and charting among others (Stevens, 2013). Therefore, since my opinion on the higher risk for stroke recurrence in smokers than in non-smokers after 1 year of this condition is on personal assumptions and findings from only three articles, I would not hesitate to welcome findings that are contrary to my view, especially when such findings are supports with over three articles. I have already established my own conclusion regarding the higher risk of stroke recurrence in smokers than in non-smokers following 1 year of stroke. My inference is that there is a higher risk of recurrence of stroke in smokers than in non-smokers 1 year after this condition. I am now focused on finding evidence that support this conclusion.



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