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Choose a company to make a recommendation to. This company can be any actual existing company, but should not be a fictional one. It must be real
because you will need to research the company.
Choose an idea to evaluate for this company. Whatever idea you choose it MUST be one the company does not currently use. Some possible ideas include:
A sustainable energy source, product or policy for the company to use.
A new marketing strategy for a demographic the company does not currently target.
A social media platform or technology for the company to use.
A new business model or strategy, such as drop shipping.
Your own idea (check with the facilitator first!)
Research the company, your idea, and whether they would work well together. Your research and documentation should be informed by the material from
Module 8: Sources and Documentation and Module 9: Research and Reports Part 1.
Based on your research, decide what your recommendation will be. Is the idea a good fit for this company? Your answer does not have to be yes. If the idea
seems good, then recommend it. If the research suggests that the idea is a bad fit for the company, then your recommendation will be to not pursue the idea.
Write a report based on your research, findings and recommendation. The report should be written in 12 pt in a professional looking font. Use the guidelines
and sample from Module 10: Research Reports Part 2 to guide your structure and formatting. You are to write an analytical, formal, and indirect report. Again,
Module 10 will be key for structuring your report. Your report must use APA referencing. You have to convince your audience (the board and/or CEO of the
company you have researched) to follow your recommendation, so be specific about costs, savings, and benefits. Include an appendix with relevant
supplementary information that supports your recommendation. Document your sources (at least three) using APA style in-text citations and a References
page. The parts of your report should be as follows:
Title Page
Table of Contents
List of Figures and Tables
Introduction and Purpose

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