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    Continue to collaborate in your assigned small group by sharing an outline of your implementation plan for your Change Project Proposal. Offer feedback by responding and giving suggestions to all of your group members regarding their implementation plan for the Change Project Proposal. Then, identify other ideas or concepts that they may want to include in their project. This collaboration within your group will assist in further developing a robust Change Project Proposal to be submitted for instructor feedback.
    Working in your assigned small group, post an outline of your implementation plan for your Change Project Proposal.
    Respond and give suggestions and feedback to all of your group members regarding their implementation plans.
    In the implementation plan, assess the factors that are likely to affect the implementation of your recommended activities, and propose how you will address them, incorporating your identified change theory. Your discussion should encompass:
    Technological considerations
    Institutional structures
    Financial trends that affect the availability of human resource and project funding
    Hospital or governmental policy constraints
    Regulatory requirements
    Patient diversity
    Strategies for building buy-in among different stakeholders, including nursing
    Your goal in this section is to show that the activities you have proposed are necessary, feasible, and allowed in the targeted organization. Therefore, you should support your suggestions with appropriate evidence.
    Section III of Change Project Proposal: Implementation Plan
    There are factors that we must prepare ourselves for that will likely affect the implementation of bedside shift report. These factors may include, technological considerations, institutional structures, financial trends related to project funding, hospital policy constraints, regulatory requirements, patient diversity, and strategies for building buy-in among different stakeholders, including nurses. Fortunately, as identified previously the change to bedside shift report has little financial strains. The costs included in this change project proposal are minimal and will ultimately save the institution money over time. The only financial costs we may consider is the training of the nursing staff to appropriately prepare them for the shift.
    Technological considerations
    Because bedside shift report is communication between nurses technology will not be affected. If necessary the nurses may reference the electronic medical record to review history or current status with the patient and reporting nurse but this would not pose any technological changes for the institution.
    Institutional structures
    The resources that will be necessary to implement this change is the nurse, patients, unit managers, and a bedside report model that will guide the nurses in the beginning of this project. The nurses will be briefed and educated regarding the importance, benefits and overall implementation plan of the bedside report. Shift report champions will be provided with additional education and training so that each unit and shift has a resource for any questions. The model will provide the nurses with different scripts that can be utilized or followed to aid them in the transition.
    Financial trends and costs
    Bedside shift report has many benefits including but not limited to, patient and nurse safety, patient and nurse satisfaction, increases efficiency and overall saves the institution money by decreasing annual costs. Studies have shown that there much of the costs associated with overtime and nurses getting out late are related to change-of-shift nursing report. Overtime decreased and represented a potential costs savings of nearly $13,000 annually (Tidwell et al, 2011). This potential cost savings varies depending on the size of the hospital and number of nurses. Bedside reporting saves money, improves patient and nurse satisfaction, and is a more comprehensive approach to change-of-shift reporting (Tidwell et al, 2011).
    Hospital policy constraints
    There are no policy constraints that the hospital has in place that will affect this change project proposal. The one policy that nurses must be mindful of is HIPAA. Upon entering the patients room before perform the shift change report the nurse must ask if they approve the report. This protects the patients confidential information and eliminates any possible chance of HIPAA violations.
    Patient diversity
    Patient diversity is important to consider when implementing bedside report. Nurses must be aware of patients culture, environment, communication, etc. This is important because patients, beliefs, customs, and way of communicating can be so different from others. Nurses must acknowledge and be sensitive to cultural differences and health literacy.


Subject Nursing Pages 2 Style APA


Response to the Classmate’s Outline

It is indeed true that factors such as technological considerations, institutional structures, financial trends, hospital or governmental policy constraints, regulatory requirements, and patient diversity affect the implementation of bedside shift report. In your outline, how technological consideration will affect the implementation, is not well articulated. You would argue that advance technology, which many nurses are not well-versed with, may hinder smooth implementation of the bedside report. Just like technological consideration, how financial trends and cost may affect implementation cost is not well put. This section is not about the benefits of bedside shift, but how finance may hinder implementation of the report.  For example, the reports may suggest that electronic devices should be installed in every department; however, the financial requirement of such devices may hamper that suggestion. One of the aspect that has been well addressed is institutional structure. This includes organizational structure as well infrastructure which are necessary in the implementation of the bedside shift report. However, I wish you would expound on the importance of nurse or organizational leaders on the implementation of the report. The aspect of patient diversity has been well articulated and shows how it can affect implementation of the bedside shift report. On overall, the outline has been backed by evidences from different resources which shows that the research conducted was in-depth.


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