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    TAKE NOTES OF YOUR OBSERVATIONS DURING ALL FILMS VIEWED IN / FOR CLASS! Writing a Documentary Review Step 1 Give details of the documentary • Title of the documentary Step 2 Explain the purpose of the documentary • What is the purpose of the documentary? • What is the main message the director wants to get across to the audience? Step 3 State your prior knowledge of the subject • Did you know anything about the subject before you watched the documentary? • What did you expect to see? • What questions did you have about the subject? Step 4 Summaries the documentary • Who / What is the subject of the documentary? • What is the documentary about? What are the main events (if any)? Step 5 Give personal comments and recommendation • Which part of the documentary do you like most? • What have you learned from it? • Was there anything that surprised you? • What are the drawbacks of the documentary? • Would you recommend this documentary to your friends? Length: 500-750 words (approx 2-3 pages, double spaced, 12 point font)


Subject Media Pages 3 Style APA


Review of Joystick Warriors: Video Games, Violence & the Culture of Militarism

Details of the Documentary

The documentary being reviewed is titled Joystick Warriors: Video Games, Violence & the Culture of Militarism by Nina Huntemann (associate producer), Roger Sorkin (producer and director), Sut Jhally (executive producer).

Purpose of the Documentary

                The key purpose of this documentary is to demonstrate the relationship existing between the violence depicted in video games and the violence witnessed in the real world. The producer aims at using the experience of the various insights from different people to show how the video games impact the popular culture on aspects such as violence and guns as well as militarism. Additionally, it is the aim of the documentary to demonstrate the role of violent video games in not only sanitizing, but also glamorizing and normalizing violence. The main message that the director of the documentary wants to put across to the audience is that violent video games have a huge role to play in cultivating a culture of violence in reality and entrenching dangerous ideas of both manhood and militarism.

Prior Knowledge of the Subject

Prior to watching this documentary, I had ideas about the impact of watching too many violent video games in real life. In specific, I was already aware that children should not be allowed to watch such video games as they might be affected and their ideas and attitudes may be altered. I expected to see in the documentary the scientific explanation of the relationship between the violent video games and violence in real life. One of the questions that I had about the subject is “what is the scientific explanation for the impact of the violent video games and violence in the real world?” Additionally, I had a question as to why the producers continue to spread such movies when they are already aware of their negative impacts on violence in the real world.

Summaries of the Documentary

                The documentary is about the existing research about the relationship between watching violent video games and violence in the real world. Some of the major subjects in the documentary include Leigh Alexander, Craig Anderson, and Andrew Bacevich. The documentary is about the views and opinions as well as insights of various professionals about the subject matter. In specific, it provides the insights of military analysts, gamers, combat veterans, and media scholars on the manner in which the experience of violent video games affects the real-world culture on violence, guns, manhood, and militarism.

Personal Comments and Recommendation

                After watching the documentary, the part that I like most is where it demonstrates the working relationship existing between violent games industry, the US military, and the American gun industry. From this part, I learned that the violent games industry is very well supported and thus more video games will continue to be produced. However, I was surprised that the various partners of the violent games industry continue to maintain a working relationship despite them understanding the manner in which violent video games cultivate a culture of violence and dangerous ideas about guns, militarism, and manhood. One of the drawbacks of the documentary is that it does not provide the stand of the producer on the impact of violent video games, but only those of the individuals interviewed. However, I would recommend the documentary to friends so that they can understand the reasons as to why they need to stop watching too much violent video games.

















Appendix A:

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