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  1. Healthcare workers and personal safety protection practices during the COVID pandemic   


    Discuss Healthcare workers and personal safety protection practices during the COVID pandemic


Subject Nursing Pages 12 Style APA


Safety Practices During The COVID Pandemic

1. What is the problem?             

Healthcare workers are contracting COVID in the line of duty.

 2. Why is the problem important and relevant? What would happen if it were not addressed?

This problem is important and relevant in that once it has been identified and isolated; ways of protecting frontline healthcare workers can be put in place as they continue to offer essential services to the citizens. If this problem is not addressed, essential frontline healthcare workers would continue to perish in the line of duty.

 3. What is the current practice?

Currently, healthcare workers operate under the protection of personal protective equipment. Which include; clothing, helmets, face shields, gloves goggles and face masks.

 4. How was the problem identified?  (Check all that apply)

ü Safety and risk-management concerns

ü Quality concerns (efficiency, effectiveness, timeliness, equity, patient-centeredness)

   Unsatisfactory patient, staff, or organizational       outcomes

ü Variations in practice within the setting

ü Variations in practice compared to community standard

 Current practice that has not been validated

 Financial concerns

  5. What are the PICO components?

P – (Patient, population, or problem) What is the problem type? The problem is COVID to healthcare workers.

I – (Intervention) What type of intervention is being considered? The use of personal protective Equipment is being considered.

C – (Comparison with other interventions, if foreground question) Is there comparison to be considered? The no viable comparisons at the moment as COVID is a recent development

O – (Outcomes are qualitative or quantitative measures to determine the success of change) What would be the desired effect? The desired effect is that all healthcare workers in the frontlines are appropriately protected as they offer healthcare services to patients.

Among the frontline healthcare personnel (P), how has personal protective equipment (I) helped protect (O) th

 6. Initial EBP question        ❑ Background   ❑ Foreground        

You will all use the same Background question:  What are the best Personal Protective safety practices for healthcare staff?


Safety practices for healthcare staff is the use of personal protective equipment to protect them from contracting COVID in the line of duty.

These include surgical face masks, surgical gloves, protective clothing, in some instances face shields and goggles.


7. List possible search terms, databases to search, and search strategies.

Search Terms

frontline healthcare workers

Keep health workers safe to keep patients safe

protection from COVID


WHO database

CDC database

Ministry of Health Database

Search Strategies

Look into health workers’ concerns

Look into surveys carried out on health workers.

8. What evidence must be gathered?  (Check all that apply)          

ü Publications (e.g., EBSCOHost, PubMed, CINAHL, Embase)

ü Standards (regulatory, professional, community)

ü Guidelines         

ü Organizational data (e.g., QI, financial data, local clinical expertise, patient/family preferences)

❑   Position statements

9. Revised EBP question

(Revisions in the EBP question may not be evident until after the initial evidence review; the revision can be in the background question or a change from the background to a foreground question)



em against COVID (I) compared to other diseases?


Chersich, M. F., Gray, G., Fairlie, L., Eichbaum, Q., Mayhew, S., Allwood, B., … & Rees, H. (2020). COVID-19 in Africa: care and protection for frontline healthcare workers. Globalization and health16, 1-6.

Cook, T. M. (2020). Personal protective equipment during the coronavirus disease (COVID) 2019 pandemic–a narrative review. Anaesthesia75(7), 920-927.

World Health Organization. (2020). Rational use of personal protective equipment for coronavirus disease (COVID-19): interim guidance, 27 February 2020 (No. WHO/2019-nCov/IPCPPE_use/2020.1). World Health Organization.




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