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  1.  Sandy Smiles Admin Report    


    You have a correctional officer, Sandy Smiles, that you will see violates ethical standards within her organization. Your job is to professionally type a letter to your Captain (King) regarding your findings of the situation. You are provided the facts of the case and have to assume that this investigation is complete. Now, is the task of putting an administrative letter to your superior, advising of your findings. 
    the “bullet” style approach may be appropriate in certain instances to point out specifics if you so choose. In this exercise you should also give some sort of recommendation based upon your findings of this situation


Subject Functional Writing Pages 2 Style APA


Dear Captain King,


I have over the last few weeks been involved in an investigation about an alleged romantic affair between Officer Sandy Smiles and Inmate Baby Blue Eyes Brown. During those few weeks, I have interviewed with the two parties separately. The investigation emanates from a report received from an informant about an alleged love affair demonstrated by love letters between the Officer and the Inmate and a kiss that happened in the Inmate’s cell. Before the interview, the parties were informed about their rights. Particularly, Officer Smiles was informed about her right to a lawyer and her Fifth Amendment right to refuse to answer any question that might incriminate herself.

Owing to the interviews conducted with both Inmate Brown and Officer Sandy Smiles and the subsequent re-interview with Officer Smiles, and based on the examination of the General Correctional Ethical Standards, the following are the ethical standard violations found:-

  • Officer Smiles violated Rule 1, which prohibits any employees from being inappropriately involved with an inmate, former inmate, or the inmate’s family. By becoming romantically involved with Inmate Brown and subsequently kissing her, Officer Smiles was in breach of this ethical standard.
  • Officer Smiles breached Rule 2, which prohibits employees from becoming involved in a conflict of interests or the appearance of such a conflict. By having an interest in Inmate Brown, then Officer Smiles’ interests of ensuring the security and safety of the inmates were compromised by her romantic interests, hence a breach of the said rule.
  • Smiles breached Rule 4, which forbids her from showing favoritism to any inmate or group of inmates. The interview has demonstrated that during one of the evening snacks, Officer Smiles began to give Inmate Brown two servings. Additionally, Officer Smiles concealed the love letter she found during a search in Inmates Brown’s cell, which is a breach of the rule against favoritism of inmates.
  • Officer Smiles broke the ethical standards about full cooperation during an official investigation because she at first denied any intimate involvement with Inmate Brown and only agreed to state the truth after she was told about the possibility of being charged.
  • Officer Smiles breached Rule 9 of the ethical standards, which holds that all employees should remain honest and truthful in conducting their duties. Specifically, Smiles failed to be honest in her revelations about her dealings with Inmate Brown, which is a breach of the correctional facility’s general ethical standards.

Based on an examination of these violations and the circumstances surrounding them, I recommend the following as the appropriate course of action in the circumstances:-

  • That Officer Sandy Smiles be immediately reprimanded for a period of three months pending an investigation into the alleged occurrences and the most appropriate charges that should be preferred based on the facts of the case.
  • That immediate ethical violation charges should be preferred on Officer Smiles and the trial of the case should start.
  • That the correctional facility begins to take active measures such as professional awareness training to educate its staff members about the ethical standards, why they should follow them, and the likely effects of breaching them.
  • That inmate Brown be immediately placed under solitary confinement for two weeks because of becoming involved romantically with a staff member against the rules governing the conduct of inmates in the correctional facility.

Yours Faithfully,

Investigative Lieutenant.
















Appendix A:

Communication Plan for an Inpatient Unit to Evaluate the Impact of Transformational Leadership Style Compared to Other Leader Styles such as Bureaucratic and Laissez-Faire Leadership in Nurse Engagement, Retention, and Team Member Satisfaction Over the Course of One Year

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