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    Assessment Type:
    Group Work
    Task Description:
    Your team is currently considering to enter in the online marketing industry via the e-commerce systems
    and through the Amazon Australia platform. The head office is in Australia. Your tasks are to:
    1. Develop a new idea/product/service that is compatible with the Amazon Australia and marketable globally via the
    2. Develop a market profile of a country that you think would be the best fit for the new idea/product/service in
    terms of generating revenues. Justify your answer.
    3. Identify the two most important challenges each for the demographic, economic, financial, social, political and
    technological factors associated with the new idea/product/service and marketing it through the Amazon
    Australia platform.
    4. Formulate effective strategies to address the challenges identified in point 3.
    Notes for the assessment task:
    This is a group assessment task. There will be no more than three members in a group.
    For distance, online or flex students: Please use the discussion forum located in the unit Moodle site
    to make your team or contact the unit coordinator to find a team member (Email: [email protected]). This needs to be finalised by week 4. The team needs to have a voiceover in the PowerPoint slides. For hints on how to convert a PowerPoint slide to a presentation with voiceover, please view the link. Adding a voiceover to PowerPoint presentations in 5 easy steps:
    /. You can also watch some other YouTube videos.
    For face-to-face/metro-campus students: You need to make your own team or contact your local
    campus lecturer/tutor to find a team member. This needs to be finalised by week 4. All in-class
    presentations should be completed between 5 and week 6. Your local campus lecturer/tutor will
    schedule your presentation task in a timely manner.
    Prepare your PowerPoint presentation in 10 slides (maximum). You will have 10 minutes (maximum)
    to present your task.
    Both face-to-face and online/distance students need to upload the task via the assessment
    submission link available in the unit Moodle site between week 5 and week 6. All members of a team
    will upload the same assessment task. However, a substantial content matching in teams’ slides will
    be forwarded to an appropriate office/authority for necessary actions.
    You will receive some brief feedback from your campus lecturer/tutor/coordinator.
    Please ensure that your presentation includes relevant concepts, theories, tools, and models
    discussed in the unit.
    Please familiarise yourself with the University’s assessment policy and procedure, grading policy,
    assessment extension policy, late submission penalty, plagiarism policies and the like. 
    Assessment Due Date:
    Week 6 Friday (21 Dec 2018) 11:55 pm AEST
    Return Date to Students:
    Week 8 Friday (11 Jan 2019)
    Assessment Criteria:
    Title Slide (2 marks): Includes students’ names, ID numbers, unit code and name, campus, term and year, a title of the assessment task, and names of the unit coordinator, lecturer and tutor, and table of contents.
    Background (8 marks): Includes the aim of this assessment task, a brief background of the new
    idea/product/service that is compatible with the Amazon Australia and marketable globally via the Internet.
    Market profile (8 marks): Includes a market profile of a country for the new idea/product/service, and justify why it is the best option in terms of generating revenues.
    Market challenges (8 marks): Includes the two most important challenges each for the demographic, economic, financial, social, political and technological factors associated with the new idea/product/service marketing through the Amazon Australia platform.
    Strategies to mitigate market challenges (8 marks): Includes formulation of effective strategies to address the environmental challenges identified above.
    Conclusion, presentation style, teamwork, design, citations and references (6 marks): Includes a summary of the presentation including its objectives, professionalism, quality of teamwork, and the inclusion of relevant theories, data, figure, a framework with citations and references of 10 (minimum) scholarly sources, including academic journals, textbooks, authentic Web sources etc.
    Referencing Style:
    American Psychological Association (APA)


Subject Business Pages 6 Style APA


Selling Bow Ties Through Amazon Australia

  • Table of Contents



Product Idea

Market Profile


Demographic and Economic Market Challenges

Social and Political Challenges

Technological Challenges

Mitigating the Market Challenges



  • Introduction
  • Internet technology benefits businesses
  • Products can be delivered over the e-platform
  • Amazon has facilitated the sale of products online
  • Background
  • Fashion industry is one of the most thriving sector
  • In Australia, men’s bow tie is a common wear
  • Google search for bow ties have risen over the past years
  • Product Idea
  • The business will venture in the retail sector
  • The firm will deal particularly in the sale of men’s bow ties
  • Market Profile
  • A huge male market base
  • The target market for the bow ties includes males of different ages and sizes
  • Australia is known for its custom made weddings
  • Competitors
  • Zara Australia
  • Target Australia
  • David Jones
  • Demographic and Economic Market Challenges
  • Ageing Population
  • Product is established for the male gender only
  • Not suitable for members of the low socioeconomic group
  • Limited capital
  • Social and Political Challenges
  • High Cost of living
  • Multiracial country
  • Stringent legal framework
  • Failure to protect human rights
  • Technological Challenges
  • Choosing the right technology
  • Securing company data
  • Mitigating the Market Challenges
  • The use of firewall technology
  • Widening the firm’s product line
  • Abiding by the set laws in Australia
  • Conclusion
  • Bow tie product is a feasible idea hence would sell through Amazon Australia
  • Australian target market
  • The product is mainly for the male gender
  • The product will be delivered through Amazon


Bonnin, A. R. (2002). The Fashion Industry in Galicia: Understanding the “Zara” Phenomenon. European Planning Studies10(4), 519–527. 

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Appendix A:

Communication Plan for an Inpatient Unit to Evaluate the Impact of Transformational Leadership Style Compared to Other Leader Styles such as Bureaucratic and Laissez-Faire Leadership in Nurse Engagement, Retention, and Team Member Satisfaction Over the Course of One Year

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