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  1. Servant leadership, ethics, and entrepreneurism


    How will each of the Three Pillars—servant leadership, ethics, and entrepreneurism— be integrated and impact your business practice in the future?
    How will the Three Pillars enable you to contribute to the greater social good in your industry and within the community?   


Subject Essay Writing Pages 5 Style APA


Three Pillars and Future Impact

This reflective essay provides a description of my vision for a managerial or leadership career in the healthcare industry. It discusses how I will apply the three Pillars (servant leadership, ethics, and entrepreneurship) in my future business practice in the healthcare industry. Firs of all, after completion of my masters, I would like to work as a hospital administrator. In this position, I would be able to plan departmental activities, conduct performance appraisal of each staff member, ensure adequate staffing of personnel, develop a budget and implementation plan, and create as well as oversee implementation of polities. In five years, I should have started my own healthcare company in which I will hire specialist personnel to deliver health care, patient education, diagnosis, and treatment/counselling services via a virtual network. This essay discusses how I will apply the Three Pillars to influence change and realization of better outcomes in the healthcare industry and the social good.

Ethics in Future Business Practices

            I need to apply ethical values and principles to impact change in my leadership roles it a healthcare organization. There are four main principles of ethics that I will have to put into practice including beneficence, autonomy, justice, and non-maleficence. In my leadership role, I have to reinforce the right of patients (principle of autonomy) to refuse treatment, medications, surgery, and other medical interventions irrespective of the benefit that may come from it (Butts & Rich, 2019). In accordance to the ethical principles of beneficence and maleficence, I have to encourage healthcare workers that they have a duty to refrain from maltreatment, promote good towards patients, and minimize harm (Butts & Rich, 2019). In accordance with the principle of justice, I should ensure that all employs and patients are treated equally and fairly without any discrimination. Besides, I have to ensure that I healthcare professionals adhere to their respective code of ethics and ethical standards (Butts & Rich, 2019). As an ethical leader, I should have the ability to recognize the potential ethical repercussions of various actions to effectively to address patient needs and resolve problems (Milliken, 2018).

Servant Leadership in Future Business Practices

            Servant leadership principle and practices can play an important role in increasing my impact in the healthcare industry. A servant has a feeling that he/she serves first. In addition, a servant leader exhibits humanitarian attributes. Using this principle, I ought to be an engaged leader and demonstrating the ability to have a ‘listening ear’ to those who I lead (Best, 2020). A servant leader engages followers in multiple dimensions including emotional, relational, ethical, and spiritual dimension in order to empower followers to grow to become what they are capable of becoming (Eva et al., 2019). According to Best (2020), high staff turnover is observed when the staff work under disengaged leaders. Other strategies will include promotion of a supportive organizational culture and promotion of functional relationships among staff members and between staff members and the hospital administration (Best, 2020). 

            Servant leadership includes working in collaboration with others so as to create long-lasting sustainable development strategy (Best, 2020). I will have to work in collaboration with all stakeholders, employees, and other players in the healthcare industry so as to achieve organizational goals and objectives. According to Best (2020), high-quality healthcare leadership shapes organizational culture and influences nurses and other healthcare providers to deliver compassionate and safe care. Lastly, but not the least, I should demonstrate characteristics of servant leaders identified by Best (2020), which include integrity, authenticity, humility, listening, accountability, courage, compassion, and altruism. To be an effective servant leader in my organization I have to further develop servant leadership competencies such stewardship, empowerment, compelling vision, and building relationships. Servant leadership helps to build sense of social identity among the followers (Eva et al., 2019).        

Entrepreneurism in Future Business Practices

            In my career, I will apply my entrepreneurship skills to drive success of my healthcare organization. Entrepreneurship skills that I have to demonstrate include innovation, flexibility, independence, proactivity, responsibility, and self-confidence. An entrepreneurship means managing and taking risks in the enterprise or business and organizing (Copelli et al., 2019). I have to maintain a sense of opportunity, flexibility, innovativeness, proactiveness, communicate, disciplined, calculating, and have positive impact on economic growth of the organization (Copelli et al., 2019). I have ambition to drive my organization into profitability and to perform better than the other competitors the same services in the same geographical area.

Three Pillars and Personal Impact on the Greater Social Good

Application of the Three Pillars will enable me to mee the greater social good through implementation of corporate social responsibility. My corporate social responsibility programs will benefit from my entrepreneurship skills since I will be able to develop sustainable programs.  Application of ethics will enable me to develop respectful, beneficial, non-harmful, and autonomous services for individuals and communities. Lastly, but not the least, application of my servant leadership skills will position me as an individual who can motivate and inspire others. According to Newman et al. (2020), socially responsible actions by organizations pay-off since it can boost competitiveness and firm efficiency. Corporate social responsibility will be necessary for the survival of my organization in the long-term (Newman et al., 2020).




            In conclusion, I will apply the three pillars (servant leadership, ethics, and entrepreneurship) in my future organization. I do believe that the three pillars will drive me into a success as an administrator (manager or leader) in my healthcare organization. I ought to achieve profitability and success in my healthcare organization by utilizing the three pillars.




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