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    Assignment 2 Managing customer experience and service management. Success through operations and service excellence. Case of the Senesac hotel (written assignment)

    Scenario: Your Hotel Consultant Company has been contacted by the owner of the Senesac Hotel to carry out a detailed service failure investigation and an overall service audit of the hotel. Format: Formal written report only; no word count limit. When writing the proposal, adjust the topics into proper headlines so it does not look like a Question & Answer student assignment, but more like a professional business proposal. Expectations: Students are to demonstrate a good understanding of the operations and management of the accommodations business by identifying the key cause(s) of the problems in this case study; provide a service recovery strategy and suggest a quality management strategy from then on.


Subject Report Writing Pages 7 Style APA


Service Recovery Plan for Senesac Hotel

1.      Introduction

The management of customer experience requires service organizations to have excellent operations and service delivery models. When a client provides a negative feedback after being served in a hotel, it is vital for the organization in question to establish not only the primary but also the secondary causes of the negative feedback/complaint. Additionally, after establishing the problem, an immediate service recovery strategy should be adopted to handle the complaint and hence ensure that they do not lose their esteemed customers. This paper provides a report based on the case study of Dr. Macillia, a client who had a poor customer experience after receiving services from Senesac Hotel. A cause and effect analysis will be done using the fishbone concept to identify the root causes of the complaint and an immediate service recovery plan presented.

2.      Cause and Effect Analysis to Identify the Root Causes of Dr. Macillia’s Complaint

The cause and effect analysis is a method which can help an individual or organization establish the likely causes of a problem. The aim of the cause and effect analysis is to immediately find and fix the main cause of a problem and hence prevent it from escalating. The fishbone concept is one of those techniques which can help in the creation of the cause and effect analysis.

2.1.Service Failures Identification Using the Fish Bone Concept

The fishbone concept is based on the fishbone diagram, which was developed by Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa. Notably, the fishbone diagram is a visualization tool which is used to categorize the potential causes of a problem and the identification of the root causes.














Poor customer experience/dissatisfied customer.


Primary Cause

Secondary Cause

Special Notes


·   Raw and bloody chicken.


·   Lack of proper cooking of the food.

Caused by the chefs.


·   Aroma of fried food and chlorine.

·   Disturbing people and calls.

·   Disturbing fire alarms.

·   Poor ventilation in the kitchen area.

·   Wrong rooms and calling wrong numbers.

Need better ventilation.


·   Disrespectful employees.

·   Rude attendants.

·   Unanswered phone calls.

·   Lack of effective communication skills.

Need for staff training in effective communication.



·   Exceedingly dark room.

·   High room heat.

·   Burned out light bulbs.

·   Poor air conditioning.

·   Poor ventilation.

The light bulbs should be replaced.


·   Delayed check-in procedure.

·   Complex door opening procedure.

·   Lack of enough personnel.

·   Contradicting instructions on the door and key.

More personnel should be hired in case some are on leave.


2.1.The Main Contributors to This Service Failure

One of the contributors to service failure based on the cause and effect analysis is the human resources, facilities, and procedure. In specific, the chefs employed are unable to ensure that food is well cooked. Additionally, the receptionists lack the skills to effectively communicate with the visitors. Moreover, procedures in the organization are a contributor to service failure as they are no clear guidelines on how the guests are to be received and handled while staying in the hotel.

2.2.Root Cause(s) of This Service Failure

Based on the cause and effect analysis, one of the root causes to the service failure in Senesac Hotel is lack of qualified members of staff who can ensure that the food that they provide to the customers is well cooked and the language that they use to the customers is effective. Additionally, the hotel lacks good ventilation and lighting system. The service failure also arises from the lack of enough staff who can ensure that they provide services to the customers right from reception to departure.

3.      An Immediate Service Recovery Strategy to Handle Dr. Macillia’s Complaint

After the use of the fishbone concept to establish the root causes of the service failure, the next step should but to provide an immediate service recovery plan which will handle the complaints raised by Dr. Macillia.

3.1.Objective and Rationale of This Service Recovery Strategy

The objective of the service recovery is to address the issues which have been raised in the cause and effect analysis. In specific, the root causes will be addressed in the service recovery strategy to ensure better customer experience. Additionally, the strategy will seek to change the negative feedback and poor experience of Dr. Macillia. The rationale for this objective is to ensure that the problems raised in the complaint do not escalate and thus drive customers away from the organization. Additionally, the service recovery strategy is justified on the basis that it will lead to successful operations of the Hotel coupled with service excellence.

3.2.Actions That Need to Be Included

Various actions need to be included in the service recovery strategy to ensure that all the root causes are addressed and that the delivery of services to the customers is not only excellent but also appealing. One of the actions which need to be included is the way in which the root causes will be addressed. For instance, the strategy will need to provide ways in which the poor lighting and ventilation will be addressed and how the rude members of staff will be handled. Additionally, actions to ensure that the food offered is well cooked should be included. Moreover, actions to ensure that guests’ calls are responded in time and that they are not disturbed when in their rooms should be included.

3.3.Any Immediate Change of Personnel

Although one of the problems in the hotel is the personnel, this does not imply that a change in personnel will be one of the immediate changes. Notably, the fact that the receptionist was not respectful was one of the problems while the other did not use a respectful language. The rationale for failure to have an immediate change of personnel is the fact that the change will not mean that the root cause is addressed. The existing personnel lacks skills in effective communication. As such, only training will be required to the personnel as opposed to changing them. Additionally, the existing members of staff have already learned about the culture and operations of the organization. As such, changing them would be inappropriate.

3.4.Person Responsible to Lead and Implement This Plan

            Since the existing managers and other members of staff have failed to address the existing problems, the organization will need to hire a consultant who will identify the areas where changes are needed as well as the actions which need to be taken to ensure that the issues are addressed. Notably, a consultant has the prerequisite knowledge and skills to identify the effective ways in which the problems identified can be addressed. The existing staff might not have the skills which are required for the implementation of the plan. As such, a consultant is justified as the organization will need to have effective implementation of the service recovery strategy.

3.5.Ways to Salvage the Confidence of The Dissatisfied Guest

Various techniques can be used by Senesac Hotel to ensure that the confidence of Dr. Macillia is salvaged. One of the ways is calling the guest and apologizing for the poor services which were delivered to him during his stay in the Hotel. Additionally, the organization should provide him with the various ways in which the issues which are stated in the complaint will be addressed. A letter should be sent to the guest outlining the various strategies which have been used to address the root causes of the poor services. Moreover, the Hotel should offer Dr. Macillia, a discounted offer to stay in the facility so that it can make up for the previous negative experience. The organization should use the insight of the guest as stated in the complaint letter to ensure that the services are in line with his taste and thus increase his confidence in the facility.

4.      Conclusion

Organizations have a role in managing their services through effective operations and excellent service delivery to ensure a positive customer experience. The aim of this paper was to provide a report of a business proposal identifying the causes of service failure in Senesac Hotel and ways that the failure can be addressed. The fishbone diagram concept has demonstrated that the root causes of the failure are the staff members, the environment, facilities, manpower, and procedures. To address these problems, a service recovery strategy should be adopted with will be led and implemented by a hired consultant. The actions to be included in the strategy include how to address each root cause of the problem. To salvage the confidence of the dissatisfied guest, the hotel should call him and apologize. Additionally, it should write to him outlining the various mechanisms which have been used to address the issues raised in the complaint.



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