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  1. Sexual Dysfunction


    Explain why Sexual intimacy is an essential aspect of marriage


Subject Nursing Pages 3 Style APA


Sexual intimacy is an essential aspect of marriage, and it should be sustained to keep the couples closer. While in many cases, couples experience decreased sexual desires due to lack of intimacy, there are ways through which partners can breathe meaning to marriage sex life. Couples should foster emotional intimacy (Pourmousa, Mohammadifar, Pesand & Rezaei, 2018). There is need to enhance emotional connection to nourish physical relationship. It is important to focus on needs of your partner and communicate yours as well. The most common causes of reduced intimacy in marriage include demand of work or commitment to children, and past abuse experience or trauma.

Work and commitment to providing to children significantly affects intimacy among the married couples. Having other responsibilities in the family should not be a reason to reduce intimate activities among couples. They can find alternative ways of balancing the responsibilities and intimate life. Couple could create time for one another away from work and children to involve in activities such as holding hands, hugging and touching. Research shows that such activities release oxytocin, which causes calming sensation. Oxytocin is the same hormone released during sexual orgasm. Nonetheless, expression of physical affection contributes to the reduction of stress related to work and other family activities. Besides, it is vital to allow tension to build amongst yourself (Penner & Penner, 2003). The brain is likely to experience more pleasure when the reward anticipation increases before it is received. Primarily, couples should separate sexual intimacy from their daily routine. It is essential to plan intimacy time and avoid discussing relationship problems in the bedroom.

Past abuse experiences also reduces individuals interest in intimacy since it reminds one of their nasty past experience. However, couples could organize psychological therapies to reduce trauma and enhance intimate activities. Besides, it is good to spend more time together to enhance the process of therapeutic healing. For instance, it is appropriate to take time courting and practicing flirting (Kardan-Souraki, Hamzehgardeshi, Asadpour, Mohammadpour & Khani, 2016). Couples disturbed by past experience should practice being emotionally vulnerable during sex. Besides, Partners should share innermost wishers and fantasies to increase intimate feeling.



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