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Social Research:

The writer should read everything on this email and then come up with a research topic that he or she can write on and has got materials. You guys did this course for me last semester but i failed it. i am doing it again. you can check your record and you will see it that i did it last semester. 
The writer should settle down and select a social research topic that has got materials to write on because there will be other assignments on the topic that he will choose when answering this question but first he should answer this question below and send to me.

What broad topic are you interested in.? Here are some very broad categories that can assist you identify an area of interest:

Education, employment and unpaid work

Health and other human services

Childhood, adolescence, adulthood and ageing

Culture, ethnicity and identity

Media, technology, communication and entertainment

Politics and political processes

Family, friendships and other relationships

Social stratification – social inclusion/exclusion

– Next consider research as a research project that they might want to undertake within this topic. ‘Brainstorm’ this topic. How might it be approached? What methods might be involved? What could be the objectives of the study? What sort of resources might a research team undertaking such a study need? What might a research proposal on this topic look like?

– 100 – 150 words, post your topic and research ideas.





Subject Writing a proposal Pages 3 Style APA


Sociolinguistics Research Proposal

The term sociolinguistics is incepted to delineate the relationship between the society and language. Sociolinguistics is depicted as a branch of applied linguistics that takes into consideration the relationship between social and cultural elements, as well as language. This literary research will explore the effects of culture on learning sociolinguistics while seeking to answer the following integral questions; different aspects of the problem question as a subject matter, the difficulties that are inherent in studying this issue, etc.

Sociolinguistics has been contentious topic over time. There have been numerous debates and viewpoints on the influence that society has on language and the inherent problems that have been faced in how the language is acquired and modified. This literary proposal acknowledges these assertions and will use the readily available resources to arrive at the problem statement that is under review. The paper will take into consideration the traditional imperativeness of language, which otherwise would have been deemed unknown.

The research will use sampling as a method of the investigation. Additionally, aside from using a questionnaire to establish the components and cultural elements needed, the proposal will also carry out a diagnostic test that will encompass the study sample that has been selected. In order to comprehensively answer the research questions, the paper will adopt a substantive number of procedures such as the review of relevant literature with respect to sociolinguistics and the consultation of relevant studies that are coherent to sociolinguistics.


 Meyerhoff, M. (2015). Introducing sociolinguistics. Taylor & Francis.





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