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  1. Solution for Flu vaccines



    Proposed solution for Flu vaccines getting community to take it and employees at an outpatient clinic for coumadin/COPD/Diabetes    



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Proposed solution for Flu Vaccines Getting community to take it and Employees at an Outpatient Clinic for Coumadin/COPD/Diabetes


After analyzing and researching the community with regards to the topic, it was proposed that the Flu can be curbed through the administration of the Flu vaccines to the community and specifically to the employees dealing with outpatient services for coumadin/COPD/Diabetes. However, the proposed solution could not be effective just by the word of mouth. More action needed to be done to ensure that the Flu vaccines get to the community and serve the purpose. Therefore, a proposal has been made to further solve the solution and ensure that these Flu vaccines get to the community to be effectively used for a positive outcome to be achieved. It would be more effective to make the vaccines easily available at a low, affordable price for the community to access and afford (Hendriks et al., 2018).

The reason behind the low pricing and ensuring easy availability is because the community in concern is made up of low-income earners with most people living in poverty, and hence, they unable to afford extra costs for medication beyond the already limited finances for basic needs. The community is also not in a position to access the Flu vaccines on distance centers, thus the need for easy availability (Akpalu, Sullivan & Regan, 2020). Further, the need for the vaccine to be easily available to employees in an outpatient clinic dealing with coumadin/COPD/Diabetes is because such patients are prone to Flu and other general outbreaks which tend to attack their low immunity, hence the need for the staff dealing with these patients to have the vaccine to prevent such recurring outbreaks in their patients. 

Lastly, it would be much effective for the Flu vaccine to be freely available at least at the public health center so that the community members who are not in a position to afford any medication can access the vaccine to curb the Flu and avoid further infections and outbreaks (Quinn et al., 2019). Through this approach, the vaccine will serve better the community to help curb the Flu outbreaks.




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