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  1. Specific powers the Constitution gives to the national government   


    The authors of the text argue that “the framers sought to create a new government capable of promoting commerce and protecting property from radical state legislatures and populist forces hostile to the interests of the commercial and propertied classes” (Ginsberg et. al. 2019: 41).

    In your initial post, please give two examples of specific powers the Constitution gives to the national government and two ways in which the framers limited the national government’s power under the Constitution. Discuss why the framers granted the two powers that you identify to the national government and why the framers placed such limits on the government they had just created?



Subject Law  and governance Pages 3 Style APA


Powers the Constitution Gives to the National Government and their Limitations




Powers the Constitution Gives to the National Government

The U.S. constitution gives three types of power to the government; namely, delegated powers, implied powers and inherent powers. Delegated powers allow the government to regulate commerce, declare war, raise and the power to regulate the value of the foreign currency. Implied powers, on the other hand, are the powers that allow the government to act independently. Notably, they grant the parliament the authority to acquire territories, regulate trade within the state, establish local government and conduct national elections (Nisbet, 2009).

Limitation of framers to national government under constitution

Although the government has the power to execute functions according to the constitution, it has the obligation to first consult the citizens. Thus, the government only implements the policies that have been approved by the citizens. This prevents dictatorship form of the government. Framers also limited the national government from maintaining rigid systems of the country. This would enable them to change the constitution as the country changed (Boin et al.,2009).

Gratification of power by framers to government

In 2014, Kelly discussed that framers understood that absolute power of government often resulted in misuse of the power and instability in the country, and thus came up with regulating principles that would ensure that all branches of the government were interdependent of each other. They include; popular sovereignty and separation of power.

Reason for Imposing Limitations on the Government

One of the main reasons why framers of the constitution placed limits on the powers granted to the government was to promote peace and order in the country by ensuring that people participated in formulating polies so that their voices could be heard and interests considered. 




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