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Learning to demonstrate your successes, challenges, and plans for optimization to stakeholders is an essential part of working in public relations. This requires careful analysis of the analytics and their success in relationship to predefined SMART objectives. It is also important to realize which metrics will actually demonstrate movement towards your goals and which look splashy, but do not really demonstrate value.

Throughout this course you have completed research, planning, asset development, and other important steps in a public relations campaign.

Part 1: Stakeholder Report and Curated Pages

In Topic 4, you specifically planned three public relations tactics that you believed would help to accomplish the SMART objectives for the client, alongside their marketing campaign. Assuming all three tactics were successfully executed and met the metric successes that were outlined, and assuming your pitch and crisis management strategies were successful, you are now tasked with demonstrating your success to the client.

Using Canva or any other free design program, develop a one-page stakeholder report demonstrating your imagined successes based on successful execution. Ensure objectives are included and success is demonstrated in relation to metrics.

At the end of the report, include a bulleted list of three recommendations for the next steps.

Part 2: Curated Pages

Curate at least 10 of your assets, both traditional and digital media, that span all stages of planning and implementation. You must include at least one press release. Your chosen assets should let stakeholders know the process, planning, and progress. All assets should be clearly labeled and should have all applicable improvements based on instructor feedback.

Part 3: Digital Slide and Video Presentation

Using your stakeholder report with recommendations for the next steps and curated pages, create one master digital slide presentation demonstrating your work from this course and paying attention to aesthetics.

Include the following in your digital presentation:

One-page stakeholder report, including recommendations for the next steps
Curated pages
Video presentation link page (Add prior to submission)
Closing page
Reflection Slide: Finally, write a 450 word summary presentation.

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