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Strategy to Involve the Community in Bay Meadows High School

CASE STUDY: You are the principal at the Bay Meadows High School. Your state is actively engaged in school reform based on federal education requirements contained in the No Child Left Behind legislation and expects school systems to be responsible for student achievement outcomes.

Your district is a large urban setting. As a result, student demographics are diverse with an almost equal number of Caucasian and African-American students. There are also many students of foreign origin. Student attendance is about 82 percent, but a few students missed almost 30% of the school year due to illness. Most students perform well in class tests, but the achievement on the standardized state tests has been average.

At the beginning of the school year, the school administrative team met to create a reform plan to be implemented over the next five years as related to curriculum and instruction.

The plan contains the following long-term goals:
§ Increase student achievement levels on standardized state and federal tests.
§ Create a safe learning environment for students.
§ Increase parent and community involvement in school activities.


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Strategy to Involve the Community in Bay Meadows High School

Whereas most schools have their core focus on the day-to-day academic and co-curricular activities, it has become increasingly vital for school leaders to create time and involve the large community of not only parents but also other often unnoticed citizens (Boutte & Johnson, 2014). In Bay Meadows High School, the institution’s administration wishes to make various changes which will not only improve both standardized state and federal tests, but also increase parent and community involvement in the activities of the schools. This paper provides a discussion of the activities of a community engagement strategy developed to ensure community involvement in the school to solve short term problems and build better community relations and hence achieve the and long-term objectives.

Use of Social Media

Bay Meadows High School cannot successfully implement any meaningful changes and achieve its short- and long-term goals without consulting and involving the parents and other stakeholders in the community. One of the ways in which the school can share information with the community is via the use of social media. Notably, social media applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter have replaced face-to-face meetings with superficial interactions (Greenhow & Lewin, 2016). As such, the schools should create various social media accounts which will be used as official communication channels as well as platforms for engaging the community members. Social media is effective in keeping the community members up-to-date and seeking their views on the manner in which the goals set out by Bay Meadows High School can be attained. The advantage of the use of this strategy is the ease of communication irrespective of the location of the community members.


Organize a Community Curriculum Fair

                It will be vital that Bay Meadows High School creates a unique opportunity for the community to not only see the work that the school is doing, but also get to understand and appreciate the various changes that it needs to make. One of the strategies which can be used to achieve these goals is a curriculum fair or a school open house. As opposed to the organization shutting itself away from the public and implementing the changes quietly, developing strong connections with community members through a curriculum fair will result in the parents and other members of the community supporting the school in the attainment of its goals (Boutte & Johnson, 2014). In specific, the curriculum fair will demonstrate the importance of plans to create a safe learning environment and also adopt computers, laboratory equipment, and updated library books. Additionally, when the community members will feel involved and their role in the school appreciated, then better relations will be built and ultimately the attainment of the school’s long-term goals.

Engage in Non-School Events

                The institution should move beyond involving the parents as a key stakeholder to appreciating and being part of the larger community. One of the ways in which Bay Meadows High School can show that it cares for the entire community as opposed to just a part of it is attending non-school events. For instance, the school administration should attend community meetings and engage the citizens and members of the community in informal conversations which will, in turn, set a positive tone for the school’s future. Some of the activities that Bay Meadows High School can be part of in the community include community exhibitions, civic events, and even community sports games. According to Boutte and Johnson (2014), using such a strategy will see the institution sell its changes and goals to the community and thus get views on the proper way to proceed. Additionally, cordial relationships will be built between the schools and the community.

Sending Emails

Bay Meadows High School should use both commercial communication services as well as the in-district technology and publish weekly email communications to show the community the activities that it is engaged in and what it intends to do in the future. The emails will show the broad idea and strategies of the school on the objectives of the organization in the short as well as long term. Moreover, email newsletters can inform the community about any academic honors, successful charity drives, and even success of the school’s sports team. The information about the schools can be also be spread using emails (Greenhow & Lewin, 2016). For instance, the grade reporting as well as the changes required by the No Child Left Behind legislation can be well communicated. This strategy will ensure that the community is not only informed, but also becomes part of the school’s processes and activities.

In conclusion, community involvement is one of the strategies that schools can use to amass support in the implementation of any new changes and attainment of set goals. In the implementation of changes to align Bay Meadows High School with the requirements of the No Child Left Behind legislation, the institution should use various strategies to involve the community in the resolution of the short-term problems and in building better relations in the long term. Some of these include creating social media platforms in Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp to inform and get the views of the community as well as running curriculum fairs to showcase the activities of the organization and its short- and long-term goals.





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