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    Select a page of graphic artwork from the comics of Charlie Chan and then use a Google search to find a page of graphic artwork by the actual artist who has inspired this style of comic deployed by protagonist in the novel. How has Sonny Liew modified the style of the comic by this artist from the history of comics so as to accommodate a story about the history of Singapore? Why has Liew chosen the style of this artist to represent this narrative? Be sure to include an image of the two pages for comparison by members of the class.





Subject Art and design Pages 1 Style APA


The invincible Iron Man’s comic by Salvador Larroca is among the marvel-style superhero comics that greatly influenced Liew comic art. In relation to this, it can be noted that Liew has modified the marvel-style superhero comic exhibited by Larroca in figure II, by infusing the aspect of cartoon art style, which in turn has enabled the artist to come up with a giant robot. Such an approach has enabled Liew to accommodate a story about the 1955 riots, particularly the Hock Lee bus riots. These riots saw Singaporean citizens clash with colonial powers or authorities (Liew, 2011). Liew has chosen Larocca’s style, as it enables him to convey the idea on how social unrest in Singapore overpowered the American officials. The Iron Man represented by the giant Chinese robot shows the rise of the labor radicalism at that time.






Fraction, M., & Larroca, S. (2011). Invincible Iron Man #506 Comics. New York City: Marvel Comics

Liew, S. (2016). The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye (Pantheon Graphic Library). New York City:  Pantheon













Appendix A:

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