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  1. Supply Chain Security


    Describe security vulnerabilities for manufacture and distribution of chipset supplies    



Subject Technology Pages 3 Style APA


Security Vulnerabilities for Manufacture and Distribution of Chipset Supplies


Supply chains are characterized with a wide variety of threats and vulnerabilities. Meltdown (2018) reasons that anything associated with technology often has some vulnerability and risks linked with it owing to the possible variables associated with technology. Several flaws have lately been noted with CPUs/processors, components that power the computing capability of everything ranging from desktops to internet-of things (IoT), and from cloud-enabled servers to phones (Lemos, 2018). Chipsets function as the brain of everything that creates several susceptibilities since when they are added to other knowhow, they create loopholes (Sahoo et al., 2017). A common vulnerability is referred to as spectre. Spectre creates susceptibilities by allowing hackers to enter machines’ users through the machines’ chipsets and permitting them to see information in the machines’ memories (Lemos, 2018). According to Meltdown (2018), spectre is dangerous since there are no traces of any kind of attack taking place. With regard to scepter, security susceptibilities are limitless since technology continues to change, and users will continue blaming manufacturers and distributors for security flaws in products.  Additionally, encryption plays a crucial role owing to how much data a chipset has admittance to.

Faulty defenses are also security vulnerabilities for distribution and manufacture of chipset supplies. Faulty defenses, according to Sahoo et al. (2017), connote porous defense actions that fail to safeguard an organization or machine user from intruders. Among the defense mechanisms currently available are authentication, encryption, and authorization (Lemos, 2018). Whereas proper employment of these mechanisms has been shown to protect organizations and individuals from cyber-attacks, poor implementation can create security illusion that can expose individuals or organizations to great threats (Sahoo et al., 2017). Weak network monitoring, poor authentication management, substandard recovery and back-up, end-user misuses and/or errors, and insufficient end-point security are serious security vulnerabilities to manufacture and distribution of chipset supplies.

Another category of security vulnerabilities for distribution and manufacture of chipset are insecure connections between elements. When there is insecure interaction between components of a network or system, an individual or organization is exposed to several threats, like open redirect, SQL injection, and cross-site, among other security vulnerabilities (Meltdown, 2018).

To safeguard machine users from such security vulnerabilities, therefore, there is a need to pay utmost attention to the manner in which data flows across an organization’s systems and networks.



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