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    A SWOT analysis is a way to determine where one’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats lie. It is a way for an individual, or organization to determine where they stand in relation to other individuals or competitors in the field.
    Assignment Description:
    Conduct a SWOT analysis on your current position (regardless of if it’s in healthcare) or your job prospects (if currently unemployed) – what areas are you strong in, weak in, what opportunities do you have and what threats do you see. Summarize your findings from the SWOT in a 400 word paper.




Subject Business Pages 2 Style APA


SWOT Analysis of Warehouse Lead Position
As a warehouse lead in an automotive plant my job entails management of the supply chain, maintaining inventory, monitoring shipments, supervising employees, liaising with suppliers and customers, measuring performance and monitoring safety standards. My job is very demanding as I often have to work long hours; often late into the night and sometimes on weekends. As such, my job requires that I have a certain skill set. In addition, the position comes with several opportunities and threats.
My greatest strength is my excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate in different scenarios and with different persons. I also find that problem solving skills and leadership skills have been a great contribution to my success in my role so far. It also helps that I pay keen attention to detail and have a very great team. However, I do have weaknesses. For example, I have limited technical knowledge in automotives and therefore rely heavily on my team’s ability to do their job. In addition, I have the challenge of balancing my career with school work. Furthermore, I am now majoring in healthcare which is very different from the automotive field.
There are several foreseeable opportunities in my position. First, the field is growing at a fast pace due to globalization and technology. The growth is good for me professionally because it will definitely come with increased business. Second, I have built a strong network of customers and suppliers which would allow me to succeed elsewhere in a similar role. Nonetheless, my success is threatened by competition from people who have superior technical automotive knowledge. There is also the fact that there is very limited opportunity for professional advancement in this position.




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