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Extreme weather is becoming more common due to climate change.
a.) Climate change is predicted to lead to a warmer and wetter New England. How might these conditions be measured in terms of more extreme weather? In other words, how could these conditions be dangerous for humans and/or ecosystems? (4 points)
b.) If warmer weather leads to earlier melting of snow in the Sierra Mountains in California, what might this mean for water supplies in Los Angeles? Please explain. (3 points)
c.) Phenology refers to the seasonal timing of plant and animal life. While we might not know the exact dates, do you expect the following phenomena to get earlier in the year, later in the year, or about same time of year over the next 20 years: 1) date of leaf out-first sign of leaves on maple trees in New England, 2) peak fall foliage in New England-when maple leaves turn color, 3) spring arrival of the warbler (a small songbird) in New England. (3 points)

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