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  1. Teaching and learning mathematics


    Explain how teaching and learning mathematics has changed over the years.


Subject Functional Writing Pages 1 Style APA


It is really exciting to learn how teaching and learning mathematics has changed over the years. When I was in grade school, I really enjoyed doing multiplication problems probably because it was difficult for everyone else. However, looking at chapter 2.3, I see how things have changed – for the better. In my mind, multiplying double digit numbers or more could only be done in one way, by putting them vertically and multiplying its components. Today, multiplication can be done in parts then adding the two different parts. This is not only easy but it is convenient as well. This means that I can mentally multiply numbers that would previously require me the hustle of looking for a calculator. Since I learned it, I have used it in different areas in my life outside the classroom. A few days earlier when I was doing some grocery shopping, I used this technique to calculate the amount I would need to buy items without using a calculator. First, I multiplied each item with its price then later added them using the same method of parts. This is exciting for me to learn new efficient ways to handle simple mathematics. I look forward for more.














Appendix A:

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