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  1.  Technological Advances in Education    


    Discuss Technological Advances in Education    


Subject Nursing Pages 5 Style APA


Technology in nursing overview

  • Technology use in nursing and medicine has increased- and similar approaches are similar in nursing education.
  • Technology in nursing education links teachers to their students and professional content, resources and systems
  • Technology improves delivery of instructions and personalization of learning.
  • It facilitates strategy formulation and assessment of nursing education in classrooms and laboratory settings.
  • Social media in nursing education facilitates understanding of skills in professional communication, health policy, patient privacy and ethics and competencies.
  • Social media best practices:
    • Learning about the audience, the people you connect with.
    • Choosing the appropriate platforms for use
    • Strategy development-highlighting the goals one wants to achieve in social media education (Joosten, 2012).
    • Monitoring conversations that are relevant to ones profession.
  • Culturally diverse learning environments may present challenges to students and teachers even the use of technology. It is important that learning approaches adopt the following strategies;
    • Appreciate and accommodate the differences in culture among the students
    • Build relationships with students
    • Focus on the ways students learn and identify their task orientation
    • Training students to align behaviors to setting
  • Technology plays an important role in the effectiveness education and it contributes to better interactions between teachers, students and course material.
  • Trends;
    • Flipped classroom model-increase value in classroom time
    • Online assessments through learning management systems
    • The use of digital whiteboard



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