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Below are several observations that can inform a testable hypothesis. For each of the following observations:
• Determine if the observation is qualitative or quantitative.
• Write a hypothesis and a null hypothesis.
• What would be your experimental approach?
• What are the dependent and independent variables?
• What are your controls – both positive and negative?
• How will you collect your data?
• How will you present your data (e.g., chart, graph)?
• How will you analyze your data?

  1. Fresh-baked bread develops mold more quickly than bread bought from the store.
  2. Sally comes to work sick; two days later, three of her coworkers are also sick.
  3. You accidentally left a carton of milk on the counter all night, and you notice that the milk tastes worse than it usually
    does when it is stored in the refrigerator.

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