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    (1) 10 Strategic Points: You will be using this throughout. The attached document (10_Strategic_Points) includes the instructions and a table in which to complete your 10 Strategic Points. The 10 Strategic Points are essential to ensuring your research plan is clear, aligned, and doable. Feedback will be given on your 10 Strategic Points prior to and in the class throughout the week.
    Please include 10 references


Subject Writing a proposal Pages 8 Style APA


The 10 Strategic Points for the Prospectus, Proposal, and Dissertation



My degree is DBA



My program emphasis is: management


Ten Strategic Points

Comments or Feedback

Broad Topic Area (This must include a clear description of how your topic aligns with your degree and emphasis)

Work Life Balance: United Nation Employees Working in Non-Family Duty Stations

This topic aligns within my degree in the sense that it focuses on the rights of employed individuals to be given time to attend to other life issues such as families, recreation, and visit relative among others apart from work, which is among the issues addressed in business law (labour law). 


Lit Review

Problem Statement

Research Questions

•         What measures can be embraced to address work-life balance for non-family duty employees within the UN?

•         What is the most effective measure that can be embraced to address work-life balance for non-family duty employees within the UN?

•         What are the challenges to achieving an improved work-life fit for non-family duty employees in the UN?

•        What is the major challenge to achieving an improved work-life fit for non-family duty employees in the UN?


The study will focus on interviewing 12 employees working with the UN on non-family duty posts

Describe Phenomena (qualitative) or Define Variables/Hypotheses (quantitative)

The phenomena under study in this research will be the measures or approaches that can be used to attain a perfect work-life balance for UN employees working for non-family duty stations.

Methodology  & Design

Qualitative research approach will be adopted for this study. The study will be founded on grounded theory.

Purpose Statement

This study employs a qualitative research approach founded on grounded theory to investigate the measures that can be employed to achieve a perfect work-life balance for UN employees working for non-family duty stations in war-prone nations.

Data Collection Approach

Data Analysis Approach

Data will be subjected to organization and preparation for analysis

Descriptive statistics such as tables, charts, and graphs will be adopted for data summary

Data analysis will focus on coding to create themes for addressing study questions



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