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  • Roots of Health Inequality. “West Harlem’s Battle for Clean Air,” http://rootsofhealthinequity.or g/west-harlem-story.php
  • Carter, M. “Greening the Ghetto,” http://www.ted.com/talks/maj ora_carter_s_tale_of_urban_r enewal?language=en
    Air Pollution in NYC: South Bronx and West Harlem (See it in the Lessons area)
  1. In the assigned reading/video Majora Carter says: “Those of us living in environmental justice communities are the canary in the coal mine.” What does she mean by this?
  2. What solutions did Carter provide for her community and which mayor (and his projects) she mentioned as as an inspiration? Explain in details.
  3. Your assigned reading/podcast “West Harlem’s Battle for Clean Air” discussed environmental injustice in West Harlem in relations to the construction of
    the sewage treatment plant shown on the picture. Explain how/why is this the case of environmental injustice.
  4. Did adding of a public park on top of that sewage treatment plant fix the environmental injustice? Explain how it did, or how it failed to.

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