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    Why do you feel that there is so much underage drinking, particularly among college students? What can be done to reduce the number of people who engage in underage drinking? 100 word minimum


Subject Drug Abuse Pages 2 Style APA


The Causes of Underage Drinking and how to prevent it

Underage drinking is currently a rampant problem, especially in western countries. Underage drinking can be approached from two different angles; from the causes’ side, and from the regulators side. The major causes can be attributed to various factors from social, financial, family backgrounds and all the way to psychological problems. In regards to psychological causes, some teenagers are attracted to a drink or two to solve their teenage problems such as not being beautiful or handsome. Additionally, some families have bar sections which may expose kids to beer at very early ages. However, the major reason underage persons take beer remains channeled at social behavior and peer pressure. School proms remain the chief sites that expose young college students to the bottle. Here they drink illegally behind doors while partying all night, socialize in the name of entertainment.

From the regulators side, parents, society and the police should increase their strictness in order to curb the vice. Parents should advice and monitor their children to prevent them from coming home drunk. Underage who are found drunk should undergo guidance and counseling, as well as rehabilitation. The police, on the other hand, should be strict on bars and clubs where college students party. Strict regulations should be put in place to ensure beer is not sold to underage kids. This way, they will not have the beer to drink. Finally, children should always be educated on the negative effects of alcohol in their school curriculum. This can be in form of the diseases associated with it and how it impairs thinking. This way, they will see the vice rather than the entertainment associated with it.
















Appendix A:

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