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  1. The characters in the Poe stories.




    Then write an essay discussing the fact that Gregor is trapped in ways similar to the characters in the Poe stories. Discuss elements of family, work, society, and mental state that add to the trapped feeling that all these characters experience. Don’t write in vague generalities. Write about concrete things that happen in the stories that feed your imagination and that are ripe for comparison in these various “nightmare” worlds. You are basically also discussing how life itself is sometimes like being trapped in a nightmare, something all these pieces suggest. YOU CAN MENTION THE “TRAPPED” FEELING WE’VE ALL EXPERIENCED IN THIS LONG 2020-2021 PANDEMIC!


Subject Literature Pages 4 Style APA



Both Frank Kafka’s The Metamorphosis and Edgar Poe’s short stories describe how the characters are living in entrapped, terrible and miserable situations. The autobiographical aspects in the technology Metamorphosis propose that Kafka himself might have felt trapped by specific restraints in his own life. Kafka was alienated from Prague society where he was living as a German-Jew and likewise separated from his family. Kafka viewed his dad as impudent, overbearing and persistently critical of a son he did not comprehend. Likewise, Kafka was under profound pressure from his dad in his adulthood to venture into business. Thus, Kafka’s sentiments of entrapment by situations beyond his control resemble those of Gregor. An illustration of this scenario is illustrated when Gregor wakes up as an enormous, extremely disgusting bug.

 The Metamorphosis describes the protagonist, Gregor Samsa, who feels inferior that an insect toiling away at a dehumanizing job he dislikes. Gregor’s sentiments of being inferior than an insect attest themselves in his body as he realizes he is a giant insect. Gregor’s entirely sudden and unexplained transformation is compared with several really routine daily details of waking-up late and cleaning the house. Also, Gregor’s family is upset with him for being casual with his roles which signifies Kafka’s yearning to venture into a different profession. Indeed, Gregor’s dad’s conduct and his harsh treatment of Gregor as a bug might replicate how Kafka felt several times when his family misunderstood his passion and dreams.

 The Cask of Amontillado” and “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Poe illustrate the same pattern of nightmare where two characters like Gregor are imprisoned in situations they cannot control. Montresor capitalizes on Fortunato’s selfishness, his desire for Amontillado and his ultimate drunkenness to trap Fortunato into catacombs in “The Cask of Amontillado“. Hence these catacombs become Fortunato’s grave as Montresor construct a wall that make it inescapable for Fortunato. The physical encounter of being wall-trapped resonates with Gregor’s physical encounter of getting entombed in a bug’s exoskeleton.

In “The Tell-Tale Heart,” the killer-narrator is ensnared by his crumbling mental condition same as Gregor is ensnared by his estrangement. This can be comprehended plainly as a cockroach and metaphorically as a Jewish artist living his lifestyle in a society judgmental of him. Poe’s storyteller cannot dodge his misgiving on his homicide victim resided under the floorboards. The storyteller buried him there and this mistrust wins ultimately. The narrator yearns for liberty from the ensnare of his doing and ultimately, he admits to his wrongdoing. Sarcastically this incident will inexorably lead him to another type of trap of imprisonment or death. However, he is compassionately liberated from his fear of being caught. Likewise, Gregor’s demise has a same sense of reprieve from his encounter of being confined.

Kafka discloses more to Gregor’s transformation. Gregor’s transformation impacts the existence of his family and relationship. Likewise, his family changed and Gregor realized their potent to work. Both Kafka and Poe initiate the readers imaginations with dismaying circumstances that offer the reader motive to question themselves what they would do if they were ensnared in similar situations. Maybe the reader would likewise discover death as respite, an emotion condition which is a nightmare in it and of itself. Kafka and Poe help the reader in comprehending the power of the family and society support. the characters snare demonstrates a particular realism of human’s sentiments concerning being ensnared via this pandemic. People cannot hug or hang-out anymore because they are quarantined and are practicing social distance measures. The situation is more difficult for the elderly because they cannot get people to visit them and share memories that enliven their lives. Same as Gregor’s snare in his room walls notwithstanding living with his family mad him feel lonely and alienated.

Likewise, this pandemic is likened to this metamorphosis where people have lost loved ones, are unemployed, got furloughed and some are homeless because they cannot pay rent anymore as a result of job loss. Several people had to adjust their lifestyle to live in the present challenging circumstances. Kafka illustrates the various results for these misfortunes that engulf Gregor’s family. Gregor’s change pushes his family from their comfort zone. When Gregor’s family realized that he could not provide anymore, they began working to support one another as a family. Remote learning, lockdowns and pandemic doubt have increased unease and depression. The COVID-19 has transformed how people work, play and study. Schools have closed, sports leagues cancelled and several individuals asked to work from home. The good side of this pandemic is that people are appreciating the benefits that come with remote working and how technology is transforming working and school delivery methods.

















Appendix A:

Communication Plan for an Inpatient Unit to Evaluate the Impact of Transformational Leadership Style Compared to Other Leader Styles such as Bureaucratic and Laissez-Faire Leadership in Nurse Engagement, Retention, and Team Member Satisfaction Over the Course of One Year

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