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    Find a work of art online or in the textbook that documents a scene from the American Civil War, World War II, or the Vietnam War.
    Write an analysis of the work-both for content and how the visual elements help convey the artist’s message.


Subject Literature Pages 2 Style APA


The city: A fallen Lift Shaft

The city: a fallen lift shaft, is a painting that was done by Sutherland Graham in 1941 in the city of London, England. The painting represents an area in London towards the northern part of St Paul’s Cathedral. It prominently shows a lift shaft, which is the only thing left of what was formerly a very tall building. The gloomy nature of the environment is illuminated by a fiery orange, which shows a city filled by dust and fire. The panting shows destruction that is caused by war and the somber mood of what is left. The place seems deserted, but clues from the painting indicates that it was a place filled with people and activity before the destruction caused by war. It appears as if the area was bombed heavily during the war.

Graham’s intention was to show the destructive nature of war. Bombs that were used in the second world were destroyed properties, environment and so many people also fell victims. The dull nature of the painting indicates the somber mood that war creates in the society. the painting does not show any person or activity-taking place in the affected region. Thus, it shows that people vacated the region and stopped all the economic and social activities that were taking place in the region. Nonetheless, the artist intended to show the destructive nature of the weapons that were used during the second world war and the extent of damage they caused. The indiscriminate bombing during the second world war destroyed the life of people in various ways. The painting represents the effect of war on various aspects in the society.



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