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  1. The fear of the End Time


    Imagine someone asked you about the book of Revelation and the end of the world. Using the videos as the basis for your answer, write a 500+ word response to the following prompt:
    I am afraid of the end of the world and I don’t like the book of Revelation. The book of Revelation is bizarre, confusing, and shows an angry God who is out to get everybody. And I don’t think there’s anything useful that applies to us today anyway. Do you know anything about the book of Revelation or what it will be like when Jesus returns?




Subject Religion Pages 3 Style APA


Revelation and the End of the World

                The Revelation is a book written by John presenting an apocalyptic prophesies. The book provides insight into the occurrences of what will happen during the end of times. Despite the death and ascension of Christ, it is apparent that he will return as a king during the end of days, whereby he will prompt repentance among the sinners. This essay documents my knowledge of the book of revelation.

                According to the book of Revelation, during the end of times, Jesus will return with his followers and eliminate all evil in the world, thus making everything new. As a result, Christians should strive to remain faithful even in the events of persecution with a focus of remaining clear of sins until the return of Christ during the end of times (Bibleproject). The day of the Lord is a phrase used to represent the end of the times. The revelation is considered as a fulfillment of the factors communicated in the Old Testament. The day of the Lord was celebrated with a feast of the Passover by the Israelites. The Israelites further hope that God will bring a similar day in the future whereby they would be delivered from all evils of the world (Bibleproject). This aspect was fulfilled after Jesus came to conquer the underlying issue by forgiving people for their sins. However, even after the death of Christ, evil still remained persistent in the world and Jesus promised that he would clear all the evil from the world after his return during the day of Lord. The book of revelation shows that Jesus will free the world of corruption and further create a world of perfection which God intended for the people right from the start (Bibleproject b).

                Jesus is the sacrificial lamb represented in the book of Revelation. The Old Testament promise about the victorious Kingdom required by God was inaugurated through the death of Jesus. This was achieved after the sacrificed lamb, who was also the messiah, opened the sealed scroll. During the Revelation, Jesus manages to cleanse the world off its sin as God shows mercy for the believers. This provides an insight into the fact that the three sets of divine judgment failed to bring about repentance for the people (Bibleproject). Although Christ vindicates the people, it those who remain rebellious against God will experience His wrath. On the contrary, Christ’s believers will be saved and provided with a home, that is God’s Kingdom, whereby they will spend their entire lives enjoying the good of the Lord.

                Therefore, in the book of revelation, God reveals Himself to the people. Additionally, He makes His will known as well as His godly providence to the humans. The book is mainly about how people understand God and His nature, the prophecy about the end of times and other divine considerations such as the symbolic sacrificial lamb.




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