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  1. The Humanistic, Existential or Spiritual    




    Identify the factors that you observed in Juana’s or Adelina’s narratives that you can connect to the humanistic, existential or spirituality perspectives discussed in your readings.

    Justify your assertions by citing information from your readings and offer specific examples from the novel to illustrate your position.

    Include how this information relates to social work practice with Hispanic and Latino clients.





Subject Literature Pages 3 Style APA


Discussion: Humanistic, Existential or Spirituality Perspectives in Juana’s Narrative

In the course of undertaking their social work as well as human service provision, social workers encounter clients with diverse spiritual beliefs. As such, it is vital that they not only understand the diverse cultures but also be tolerant and competent. According to Payne (2017), whereas the role of the spirituality perspective is to search for the meaning and purpose that one has in life, the existentialism perspective examines the meaning of being while humanism focuses on the capacity of individuals to reason and make choices. One of the individuals that majorly rely on their faith and spirituality are the Latinos. In specific, Jurkowski & Kurlanska (2010) argue that Latinos have a heavy reliance on their faith in seeking answers to daily occurrences. Upon a careful examination of Juana’s case as presented by Grande (2007), it is clear that there are various factors that I can connect to the spirituality perspectives. The fact that she grew up in a religious family is just an example of how spirituality was inherent in her. For instance, Juana used to watch her AMA during prayers and the sign of the cross as well as use of the rosary was a demonstration that the Catholic faith was a factor in the spirituality perspective in the novel (Grande, 2007). Additionally. Juana used to pray to the saints which demonstrates how she used to search for the meaning and purpose of life through prayer. Such aspects are further confirmation of the assertion by Jurkowski & Kurlanska (2010) that a majority of Latinos are predominantly of the catholic faith. As such, for a social worker working in such a community, he/she should be competent in such a faith so that there can be an understanding with the people in the community.





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