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The marketing world is a fast-paced environment where business promotes the buying and selling of products and services. While marketing includes advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers or other businesses, there are many facets that need to be considered when developing a marketing strategy to ensure success for the business as well as the consumer.
For this Assignment, you will take on the role of a marketing professional to develop a persuasive marketing strategy for good. Your goal is to help society while being cognizant of the organization’s mission and goals. Your task is to design a social media/social marketing campaign for your organization that would promote diversity and inclusion and could help benefit the company. Your decisions must align with the company’s mission and goals. You may choose a well-known company or make up a mock organization and identify the tactics, strategies, and influencers needed to ensure your campaign will reach a diverse audience.
For the purposes of this exercise, here are some guidelines:
• You will choose the company (or type of company) and create a narrative for the specific opportunity the business is considering (in other words why the company wants to do this and what benefit or position this campaign could give the company, as well as how it could promote positive change).
• Your selected organization could be a company where you have worked or with which you are familiar, or you could locate an example of a company and use it as the basis for your narrative.
o Note: If you select a company with which you do not have personal experience, some of the questions related to the campaign specifics may be more challenging to answer; however, you should feel free to use your creativity to respond to the questions.
• Provide information that will help you craft your narrative for the campaign. The purpose of this activity is to demonstrate your ability to think through and develop marketing solutions to business problems, not to have all the “right” answers.
• Once you have selected your organization, you will need to identify a positive-social-change-related outcome/goal for the organization.
With those thoughts in mind, begin constructing your marketing campaign design document, being sure to incorporate appropriate examples, where applicable, as well as citations for relevant academic sources from the classroom, the Walden Library, and/or other appropriate scholarly sources to support your work.
Note: Your marketing campaign design document will be submitted over the course of 3 weeks. This week, you will submit Part 1. In Week 7, you will use the same document to develop and submit Part 2. In Week 8, you will finalize the document, to include Part 3.

• Refer to the guidelines for this exercise to choose a company.
• Download the Module 3 Assignment Template. (Use Attached Template) Note: Be sure to keep a copy of your completed Assignment this week, as you will be adding to the same file for your Weeks 7 and 8 Assignments.
Submit Part 1 of your design document, to include the following:
Part 1: Laying the Foundation for Persuasive Marketing Tactics (2–3 pages)
• Examine the selected organization, its mission (and goals, if available), what products or services (or both) it offers, and its customer base, including any sub-groups that might currently apply.
• Use your creative license to identify a positive-social-change-related outcome/goal for the organization that will be used as the basis for the social media marketing campaign. (In other words, in what way is the company trying to bring about positive social change, be a force for good, etc.?)
• Synthesize the business opportunities and goals for the marketing campaign. (In other words, what is the expected/desired outcome?)
• Describe the persuasive marketing tactics that will be used to execute your campaign strategy.
• Analyze the internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats that this opportunity presents for the company (SWOT).

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