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  1. The Natural World




    Poems about the Natural World:

    Whitman, “Song of Myself” (Stanzas 31 and 32, pp. 107-8)
    Frost, “Birches” (pp. 223-4)
    Williams, “By the Road to the Contagious Hospital” (p. 281)
    Moore, “The Fish” (pp. 324-5)
    Auden, “In Praise of Limestone” (pp. 517-9)
    Roethke, “The Waking” (p. 536)
    Wilbur, “The Beautiful Changes” (p. 668)

    How does a “human perspective” mediate or interpret information about the natural world? Discuss two or three poems.


Subject Literature Pages 2 Style APA


Human Perspective and the Natural World

The relationship between man and nature is mutually beneficial considering that both affect the existence and development of the other. Scholars have attested to the fact that physical Geography is modified by human action. Despite claims from critics that humans are relatively independent of the world, measuring and circumscribing this detachment has not yet been achieved. By analyzing two poems, Song of Myself by Whiteman and The Beautiful Changes by Richard Wilbur, this essay will attest to how the poets consider human perspective and the natural world as one entity.

In the poem Song of Myself, the poet emphasizes on personal self, in line with the physical body and how the two merge to form a living creature. In this context, the poet seems to be appreciative of the fact that he is alive. The persona suggests that the pleasures of the body ought to be understood as they are influenced by nature. Furthermore, the poet claims that as much as nature is unfathomable, so are the different aspects of human life such as birth, death, and transformation.

In connection to Whiteman’s poem, Wilbur also reveals how nature and humans are related in his poem, The Beautiful Changes. Wilbur’s exploration into botany and nature gives out a clear perception of this relationship. According to the poet, the same effects that nature imposes on itself when changing are the same effects that can be observed among human interactions. For instance, the act of presenting roses to a spouse signifies love which influences a change of feelings.

In conclusion, both poems agree that nature and humans cannot co-exist independently. In broader prospects, even if death may seem to end change, the world is still kind to reciprocate the effect by bringing a newborn, a factor that restores the balance of nature. Also, both poets seem to be praising the joy as well as the marvel of experiencing nature.



















Appendix A:

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