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EBP is crucial to person-centered care, including the patient preferences which includes the patient’s culture. After reviewing all the material in this lesson, think about the several approaches to ask the clinical question and how as nurses we can better care for the patient with the best evidence.

Begin by reflecting on a topic, problem, or EBP issue. Ultimately, the clinical problem/topic/PICOT question developed in this assignment will be used for your upcoming research assignments throughout this course.
Develop a Powerpoint presentation addressing the information listed below.
Slide 1: Introduction information (Similar to the coverpage of a paper using APA)
Slide 2: Write a brief description of a selected clinical problem/topic/area to investigate. (Use the literature to support your selection and proper APA for citations).
Slide 3: Explain the reason for selecting this specific clinical topic/problem/area and why it is important for you to research
Slide 4: Formulate a PICOT question labeling which parts of the question represent the PICOT.

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