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    Summarize the plot (1-2 paragraphs). Describe the costumes, scenery, the props, and any background music or sound. Explain the role(s) of the main characters. Describe their personalities and what their relationships are like: loving, angry, confused, domineering, shy, control issues, etc. Explain the theme of the play. What is the primary dramatic conflict? How is it resolved? Or does it go unresolved> DO NOT SIMPLY RE-TELL THE PLOT.

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Subject Literature Pages 2 Style APA


The Phantom of the Opera Theater Performance 

The Phantom of the Opera is a theatre performance set in the Paris Opera House, believed to be haunted by the disfigured man, Erik, the Phantom, who lives in the opera house’s catacombs. The theatrical follows Erik’s story, who is enthralled by Christine’s singing. While mentoring Christine, Erik falls for her, unaware of Raoul’s love for Christine (USMmusic, N/A). The captivating performance goes about different emotions including jealousy, hatred, and passion colliding between Erik and Raoul.

The performance was recorded from the Mannoni Performing Arts Center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi (USMmusic, N/A). The theatrical performance was produced by the Southern Opera and Musical Theatre Company, while the cast that presented the performance was from the University of Southern Mississippi School of Music. The cast compromised of students and teachers who were not professionals but put on a brave performance that rivalled any previous productions done by professional actors and actress.

The performance’s theme is also marked with costumes, and props. The major theme of the performance is appearance versus reality. Erik’s deformity forces him to wear a mask that people assume him evil over, despite his yearning for affection (USMmusic, N/A). The costumes worn in the performance are charmingly magnificent to the audience, as they reflect the traditional attire worn at the time.

The background music sets the somber, darkened mood in the performance. The infusion of the background music with prose in the performance that incorporated musical numbers, where each actor conveyed deep emotions that blended well to bring about the performance successfully.  Props used include the mask worn by Erik, the boat, and the robotic monkey (USMmusic, N/A). The mask is the most significant prop’ marking Erik’s vulnerability for people’s judgement of his deformity. The props help bring about the personalities of each main character.

Erik, Christine, and Raoul are the performance’s main characters. Christine is the main antagonist of the performance, portrayed as naive, shy, and innocent personality. Erik, the principal antagonist, has a controlling and passionate personality (USMmusic, N/A). Raoul takes up a second part as the main character; portrayed as innocent and passionate.

 The primary conflict of the performance centers on the affection between Erik and Christine. Although Erik has fallen in love with Christine, she loves Raoul; causing conflict, as Erik realizes that Christine loves another and lets her go. In the closing scene, Erik, still recounts his love for Christine.


USMmusic. “Phantom of the Opera 2017 – Gold Cast.” YouTube, 26 Dec. 2018, www.youtube.com/watch?v=mREzIBmOpBY. Accessed 15 Feb. 2021.




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