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  1. The principle features of death-related encounters


    Identify and explain some of the principle features of death-related encounters (Death Rates, Average Life Expectancy, Causes of Death, Death Trajectories, Location of Death) and the six factors associated with these changes (Industrialization, Public Health Measures, Preventative Care, Modern Cure-Oriented Medicine, Nature of Contemporary Families and Lifestyles). Include specific examples.



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Principles Features and Factors Related to Death-Related Encounters

Typically, death-related encounters have various key components that determine the demise happenstances within a specific region or locality. Additionally, these principles vicissitudes due to multiple factors that are influenced by how individuals live. This essay, therefore, identifies and elucidates various important components of death related encounters. Furthermore, it pinpoints – with explanations – different dynamics that are related with the vicissitudes.

Principle Features of Death-Related Encounters

           Death rate is one of the key elements of death related encounters. Death rate is the ratio of death to the population of a particular area within a specific period. Average life expectancy is another principle feature of death related. It is the average number year an individual is estimated to animate (Mandal, 2019). Additionally, death cause – medical reason or source of loss of life of an individual – is also a fundamental principle element of death related encounters. Notably, death trajectory stands as another key component of demise concomitant happenstances. Death trajectory is a demise pattern when an individual or a patient is provided with an anticipated date of death. Moreover, the location of death can be categorized as either hospital, out-of-hospital, and terminal care death.

Factors that are Concomitant with the Variations

One of the dynamics that is related with death-related encounters is Industrialization. Death rates are usually lesser in developed countries. Another factor is the public health measures. It is a nonmedical involvement used to lessen the spread of a malady. Additionally, preventive care is also another vital factor. These are medical services provided to combat any medical advents. Furthermore, modern cure-oriented medicine is the advancement of the medication used, particularly in the prevention and cure of infectious diseases. Another factor is the contemporary family who might include single families with single parents, blended or stepfamilies. Moreover, lifestyle – away in which an individual lives – is also a key factor. 


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