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  1. The “Reunion” by John Cheever


    Read and analyze the book :The “Reunion” by John Cheever



Subject Literature Pages 2 Style APA


The “Reunion” by John Cheever

The Reunion is a story about a young man, Charlie, reuniting with his father. At the beginning of the story, Charlie indicates how he has missed his father after a long separation period. He demonstrates how he was excited to meet him. According to the narration, Charlie had written to his father that he would be in New York between trains for some time (Cheever, 1962). This gesture indicates that although Charlie and his father were separated for a long time, their bond was still strong.  As soon as Charlie saw his father, he felt his father’s presence, flesh and blood, his future, and doom. Charlie demonstrates how he was excited to meet his father. The relationship between the father and the son at the beginning can be explained as that of two individuals happy to meet each other after a long while. This is demonstrated by how Charlie explains how he felt when he saw him arriving at the station and his father’s reaction when they met (Cheever, 1962). The Reunion by John Cheever is a story that centers on an eager young man, Charlie, who misses his father and cannot wait to meet him after his parent’s divorce, but is later disappointed after meeting him. This signifies that sometimes what people long to achieve can turn to disappointment.

              The story occurs in New York one midday. Charlie had to write to his father and they agreed to meet at the booth where his father’s assistant had informed him.  When his father arrives, Charlie is excited to see his father. On the other hand, his father was also excited to meet his son. At some point, the reader sees Charlie’s father suggest taking him to his club, but it becomes impossible, given that Charlie was to catch an early train (Cheever, 1962). Moreover, the two appear to have a close relationship. Charlie describes how his father placed his arm around him, a gesture that he had missed his son and was excited to see him. During this time, Charlie hoped someone would see them and wished they could be photographed and wanted some record of them being together.

           After the meeting at the station, since they could not visit his father’s club, the two decide to have lunch at a random restaurant. However, they are asked to leave, given that Charlie’s father is considered rude towards the waiters. According to the story, they move to other restaurants where the same thing happens until they have to leave since Charlie has to catch a train (Cheever, 1962).  At this moment, his father starts to apologize, but he fails once more while trying to get Charlie a paper by being rude to the vendor (Cheever, 1962). Charlie then leaves. Yes, he saw his father but realized that attaining things an individual has longed for can be disappointing.

            At the end of the story, the reader notices that Charlie’s reunion with his father did not go as he (Charlie) had expected, given that they never got time to discuss. The story indicates that Charlie never got the time he anticipated due to his father’s rude attitude towards the waiters. Moreover, he was disappointed with his father’s character. However, he was unsure if his father was under the influence or was just average. One thing is that at the end of the get-together, Charlie’s excitement to meet his father had turned to disappointment. Regardless of the disappointment, the relationship between the father and the son at the end of the story can be described as that of two individuals disappointed by the outcomes. His father was not happy that he ruined the meeting due to being rude to the waiters while Charlie was disappointed with his father’s attit



Cheever, J. (1962). The reunion. The New Yorker, 45.

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