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The Time Machine : by H.G.Wells

Project description
-Use the novel as the primary source ( three direct references)
-Do not reference the movie in any way
-Spell characters names correctly

1. Analyze significant differences between 19th Century society and the EloilMorlock society
beyond the obvious physical/intellectual attributes. Show» how the novel supports your ideas.
2. Analyze Wells’s differing opinion of science/progress and humans as presented in the novel.
3′. Give the definition of society (or civilization) supported by the novel (use three elements of
4. Analyze the social evolution of the human species between the year 1895 AD. and 802,701
AD. as implied in the novel 4
5. Show how social evolution (see #5) likely influenced the biological evolution that resuted in the
Eloi and Morlock as human descendants.
6. How are the ideas in Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” (Le. Communism, Social Classes, and
Proletariat/Bourgeoisie) represented in the novel?
7. What social characteristics of Victorian England (1895) survived into the future (802,701) and
which characteristics changed dramatically?
8. Do you think the Morlocks rebelled against the Eloi at some point in history? Why or why not?







he Retirement Age: a qualitative Study by Sewdas et al (2017 ) BMC Journal of Public Health Vol.17 (1) pp.1-9    



Subject Literature Pages 3 Style APA


The Time Machine: By H. G. Wells

When the time traveller completes working on his time machine in 1895 AD, it rockets him into the future and stops in the year 802701 AD, in a paradise of small humanlike creatures called the Eloi. With the loss of his machine, which he presumes to be hidden in a nearby statue he tries to break open, he gets a glimpse of apelike creatures the Eloi call Morlocks.

The 19th century depicted by the author is characterised by the exploitation of the working class social status who work for long hours and meagre pay in factories and mills, living in disgusting housing conditions, while the wealthy lived leisurely lifestyles. The Eloi Morlock society on the other hand is subdivided into two sub human races, the Eloi and the Morlocks. The Eloi, descendants of the wealthy class were idle and weak, while their counterparts, the Morlocks, who are descendants of working class had turned cannibalistic against the Eloi.

Wells uses several aspects to define society in The Time Machine. Society is defined in both societies through social setting, with the existence of the working class and the wealthy. Evolution of social class is evident in the novel, and even though the author tells the story of the oppression of the working class, he makes the reader identify more with the existence of a upper wealthy class, as evident in the Time Traveller and the Eloi.

Wells depicts that human being socially evolve like other species and exhibit the tendency to direct evolution. The Time traveller, a scientist, witnesses the increasing control of nature by humans, who invent technology that changes the world and react to the environmental changes in evolution.

Social evolution is evident as the author notes that the Eloi once favoured aristocracy, with the Morlocks as the mechanical servants, and this communism class-consciousness factored the uprising of the Morlocks. This is as a realization of the oppression of the Morlocks by the aristocracy, who bonded together to overthrow the Eloi’s ruling class. The Eloi and the Morlocks are symbolic of the clas structure in a modern capitalist society, which portrays a growing social class of the society, evident from the struggles between the two.

The relationship basis between the Eloi and the Morlocks has multiple allusions that depict socialistic ideas. The author notes that when the narrator opens his eyes in the year 802701 AD, he his awed by the realization that in that community there are no notable small houses, the households had vanished, and the people ate and slept in communal places. The Eloi are said to know neither fear no sorrow, and their communist equality dominates the society that is characterised by the absence of illnesses.

The domination of a social class in a communal setup is evident in both time frames in the book, with the wealthy dominating the working class in the Victorian England regime, and the Morlocks dominating over the Eloi in the future context. Civilization advancements have wekened the Eloi, making them lazy and stupid. Behaviour and the advancement of tools of the Victorian England setup such as fire have changed their effect as used against the Morlocks, and although the author acknowledges flowers in both worlds, h notes that in the future world they have changed too.

The Morlocks at a time unite socially to rebel against the weak Elois, mainly because they felt that in  earlier generations the ascendants of the Eloi had mistreated theirs, and the author poses evidence of social degradation.









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