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Subject Business Pages 11 Style APA


  Executive Summary

This paper aimed to analyze the social media efforts of Billu’s; a family-run eatery in Sydney, and propose a social media strategy that the organization can use to reach its target audiences. Although Billu’s has a presence on Facebook and YouTube, it does not post regularly. As such, it has the opportunity of exploring Instagram and Twitter to reach its target audience who are the tech-savvy Indians residing or visiting Sydney. The social media strategy will aim to increase its followers in social media, attract new customers, and increase its sales and profitability. The various socials media content created was justified because it ensured increased interaction with the customers by getting their feedback and providing them with bonuses. The effectiveness of the strategy will be evaluated using various online tools such as Hootsuite, SocialBro, and Bottlenose which will measure the metrics of knowledge and preferences, satisfaction, attitude, and behavior and hence the impact of the strategy. Additionally, examining the number of followers and their levels of engagement will be key assessment metrics.



Table of Contents

Executive Summary. 2

Company Overview.. 4

SWOT Analysis. 4

    Strengths. 4

    Weaknesses. 4

    Opportunities. 5

    Threats. 5

Target Audience and Persona(s) 5

Social Media Objectives. 6

    Increase the Number of Followers on Twitter and Instagram.. 6

    Make At Least 2 Posts Per Week on Social Media Platforms. 6

    Increase Communication Between the Organization and Its Customers. 6

    Get Feedback on The Products and Services That It Offers. 7

    Increase Sales and Market Share Through Improved Brand Awareness. 7

Social Media Plan. 7

    Selected Social Media Platforms. 7

    Content Development Concepts and Implementation. 7

Justification and Supporting Evidence. 9

Evaluation & Measuring Tools. 10

References. 11





Social Media Strategy Proposal for Billus

Company Overview

Billu’s is an Indian eatery located in 62 Wigram St, Harris Park, New South Wales (NSW), Australia. Established 25 years ago, the family-run restaurant was named after its founder, Billu (Billu’s, 2019). The eatery has various Indian cuisines including sweet Indian in-house. The burfis offered in the restaurant contains sugar and milky delights which attract a wide variety of customers. The staff members in the eatery consist of a team with extensive experience in the creation of south Indian, Pakistan, and Indian menus. In specific, the staff can provide menus for various events including intimate private parties and even large cooperate events (Billu’s, 2019). Although Billu’s has a presence in both Facebook and YouTube, it rarely posts new content. Additionally, it has no presence on Twitter or Instagram. As such, it is vital that a social media strategy for the organization is proposed to boost its social media presence and interaction with prospective customers.

SWOT Analysis

                The analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Billu’s social media efforts as well as its social media landscape can be done using a SWOT analysis tool.

·         Strengths

Billus has recognized the importance of social media as it has a presence in both YouTube and Facebook. In specific, the company has a media page on Facebook and an account on YouTube with two videos already posted.

·         Weaknesses

Billu’s does not regularly post on the social media accounts that it has a presence. For instance, it only has two videos on YouTube posted several years ago. Additionally, the posts on Facebook were published years ago. The organization does not have a presence on Instagram or Twitter.

·         Opportunities

One of the opportunities that Billu’s can exploit is opening a social media account on Instagram and Twitter. Specifically, having a presence in Instagram can ensure that it popularizes its brand with videos of its major cuisines (Mistilis, Buhalis, & Gretzel, 2014). In Twitter, Billu’s can regularly update followers on its menu. Billu’ has the opportunity to exploit the social media platform to reach a large number of prospective customers.

·         Threats

One of the significant risks that Billu’s faces are competition from other eateries in the area who have already established their brands in social media. The social media followers might have higher expectations by comparing Billu’s to other established brands in the industry (Kim, Li, & Brymer, 2016).

Target Audience and Persona(s)

The target audience for the social media activities of Billu’s is the young and old Indians residing in Sydney, NSW. Notably, Sydney has close to 200,000 Indians who constitute to 4 percent of the city’s entire population (Koleth, 2015). Billu’s provides a wide variety of foods which tend to favor people of Indian origin. Just like other populations in the city, a majority of the Indians in the town are on social media. Additionally, according to Acharya (2017), a significant majority have subscribed to various social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. As such, an increased use of social media by Billu’s will reach not only the young but also the older Indian populations in the city of Sydney.

The personas of the Indians in Sydney can be pegged on their roles. In specific, over 90 percent of the young Indians in the city are on social media and use at least one social media application each day. Additionally, over 70 percent of the target audience have to enjoy one of their meals a day outside their homes (Koleth, 2015). Moreover, most of the Indians want to have ease of ordering their meals online. However, they have to understand the various strategies which can provide them with the meals that they want. As such, an organization who have a higher social media presence are likely to get the Indian customers. Billu’s should target such audiences for its social media activities.

Social Media Objectives

·         Increase the Number of Followers on Twitter and Instagram

Due to the absence of Billu’s on Twitter and Facebook, the company will seek to establish a presence in the two social media platforms and acquires an increased number of followers. The goal will be to have at least 5,000 followers in 1 year.

·         Make At Least 2 Posts Per Week on Social Media Platforms

Billu’s goal of getting into social media especially Twitter and Instagram will be to inform prospective customers about the products and services it provides by creating and posting at least two posts a week in each of the social media platforms.

·         Increase Communication Between the Organization and Its Customers

The ultimate aim of the social media strategy is to ensure that Billu’s can effectively communicate with is customers. In specific, the company will seek to get questions from the prospective customers, answer them, and facilitate communication.

·         Get Feedback on The Products and Services That It Offers

Via social media, Billu’s will seek to get feedback from the clients about the products and services offered and hence establish areas for improvement.

·         Increase Sales and Market Share Through Improved Brand Awareness.

Through social media, Billu’s aims at having an increased clientele who will order for its products and services which will lead to increased sales, a higher market share, and increased profitability.

Social Media Plan

Billu’s is practically inactive in social media. As such, it is proposed that the eatery utilizes at least two posts per week on its social media platform so that it can engage its prospective clients who are tech-savvy. The following are the recommended social media platforms and content development concepts that the organization should adopt as well as how it should implement them.

·         Selected Social Media Platforms

It is recommended that Billu’s uses Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as its priority social media platforms. Notably, the three social media platforms have been selected based on the vast number of people using such platforms and the ability of the message posted to reach a wide range of target audiences (Kim, Li, & Brymer, 2016).

·         Content Development Concepts and Implementation


Facebook, Instagram& Twitter Posts


Week 1

Haven’t tried Billu’s burfis? Now’s the chance to get a taste of our delightful cuisines!

Are you in Sydney City? Visit our eatery and get the best sugar and milky delights in town.

Monday, 10 AM






Thursday, 9 AM

Week 2

Planning to have a private party or even a significant corporate event?  Contact us and let us help you make the event memorable!

Thanks for visiting Billu’s. The best place for Indian cuisines!

Week 3

Milka Singh and Sonu Nigam have had house specialty tawa sauce with chicken in Billu’s. What are you waiting for?

West Indies and Sydney Thunder Cricket superstar Chris Gayle was with us. Thank you for choosing Billu’s.

Thursday, 5 PM











Saturday, 7 PM

Week 4

Got 30 seconds? Share the Billu’s menu and get one free burfis!

Support Billu’s to be the restaurant of choice in Sydney. Share your experiences with friends.

Monday, 10 AM


Friday, 4 PM

Week 5

Happy Friday from our founder Billu. Quality service is our duty!

What do we think we should add to our excellent menu? Your wish is our command!

Friday, 10 AM









Saturday, 1 PM


Justification and Supporting Evidence

The use of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as the three social media platforms was based on the fact that they are free to use and have a considerable number of users. Additionally, Billu’s will; via the use of such platforms, reduce its marketing costs and increase its sales (Tuten, & Solomon, 2017). The social media market strategy was chosen because it will allow Billu’s not just to advertise its menu but also enable the guests to relate to the business outside mealtime. The nature of the posts about the products and services offered will ensure that a consistent message and imagery for the company is created (Ashley & Tuten, 2015).

Sharing the celebrity customers who have visited the eatery will be turning them into valuable brand ambassadors especially when their photos are shared online. The aim of Billu’s; in doing so, would be to create social proof for the brand and generate a backlog of social media content (Tsimonis & Dimitriadis, 2014). Providing free bonus to the customers is justified because it will ensure that the guests understand that Billu’s is a great spot. Moreover, the last post which asks the customers to provide their view on what should be added to the menu ensures that the users can interact with the organization in some way and thus a demonstration of concern (Kim, Li, & Brymer, 2016).

Evaluation & Measuring Tools

Various tools will be deployed in the evaluation and measurement of the impact of social media after implementation. Notably, some of the metrics which will be evaluated include the number of people who see the message and the way that the message is received. Additionally, the number of fans on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will be vital as well as their levels of engagement (low, medium, and high participation). One of the tools which will be used is Hootsuite which will allow Billus not only to measure web activity but also manage its online engagement (Batrinca & Treleaven, 2015). Additionally, SocialBro will be used in the measurement of the company’s Twitter community. Bottlenose will also be vital in detecting what is being said on social media about Billus (trending aspects) (Stieglitz et al., 2014). The use of such tools is justified based on the fact that they will result in the assessment of any changes in customer knowledge and preference, satisfaction, attitude, and behavior and hence tell the effectiveness of the social media strategy.




Wednesday, 11 AM









Sunday, 5 PM


Acharya, M. (2017). Census shows Indian population and languages have exponentially grown in Australia. SBS. Retrieved from https://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/hindi/en/article/2017/06/28/census-shows-indian-population-and-languages-have-exponentially-grown-australia

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Tuten, T. L., & Solomon, M. R. (2017). Social media marketing. Sa



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