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Traditionalists dismiss using dubious means to undo the work of revolution. When analyzed, they can tell how investigation officers who ascribe to either of the two paradigms have portrayed these ideologies in solving criminal cases. Advantages of the traditionalist school of thought is important for various factors. One is that it helps to appreciate the knowledge of previous generations. law enforcement investigators can find a way into finding a solution to a criminal situation. Traditionalists also appreciate that even though people from previous generations were not as technologically advanced as those in the present generation, progression patterns can be seen. They were superior to those that came before them. This approach helps in analyzing details so as not to miss the point that was missed in previous events. Disadvantages of Traditionalism can however be detrimental because the circumstances that were there at the past could be different in present cases. Another disadvantage is that with improved technology, the way to solve problems today is through the use of better technological tools to help analyze present cases.
Advantages of Revisionist theory puts into place the facts and circumstances of the time. The benefit of this is that all scenarios will be considered before taking a certain direction during criminal investigations. Another advantage is that it looks at a particular event as though it was inevitable due to past occurrences, but as one that happened due to circumstances just prior to the event. Disadvantages of the Revisionist Theory are independent of other historical chains of events but overlooking such matters can be detrimental during investigations. It is not impossible to put the two schools of thought together. In an investigative session, law enforcement agencies may apply both ideologies to come up with even better results. Putting together the traditionalist approach with the assumption that a particular instance was inevitable is necessary for it will help the investigators to look at the past to show the link that could help solve the issue. Discuss

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