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Types of Buying Situations


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Buyers and consumers have their unique ways of acquiring the products they want from the market. It may differ from one buyer to the other depending on their buyer behavior. This includes variations in spending habits, product features and personal preferences among other factors (Kotler & Armstrong, 24). Guided by this understanding, this paper describes the three types of buying situations, namely; new type, modified rebuy and straight rebuy.

  1. New Task

New task buying situations arises when a buyer encounters a challenge in acquiring a certain product in the market mainly because it is their first time dealing and they have no experience in the buying process. The novelty of buying a new product creates an uncomfortable situation for the customer (Kotler & Gary, 24). It is therefore the responsibility of the seller to make the customer comfortable when experiencing the new task situation.

  1. Modified Rebuy

Modified rebuy buying situation refers to a scenario where the buyer has some relative experience or knowledge of the purchasing process for a given product. In such a scenario, the customer is concerned about collecting information to boost the precision of their decision making and avoid any poor choices made during the first purchase. (Kotler & Armstrong 25). The seller should support this buying situation by providing information to guide the customer when deciding the best product to purchase.

  1. Straight Rebuy

Straight rebuy buying situation arises when a customer is accustomed to buying a given product. It is the most common type of buying situation. Customers are already informed of the buying process and have previous experiences (Kotler & Armstrong, 25). An example is purchasing ink for printers. Such buyers are less anxious. Firms can capitalize on this buying situation by reinforcing the factors that enhance the customer experience.

In conclusion, this essay identifies three types of buying situations; new task, straight rebuy and modified rebuy. These three factors collectively contribute towards the uniqueness of a buyers purchasing situations. It is advisable that sellers understand these situations and make them comfortable for the customers.



Kotler, Philip, and Gary Armstrong. Principles of Marketing. London: Pearson Education Limited, (2016).

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