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Undercover Boss – Season 10 – Smoothie King


Subject Essay Writing Pages 3 Style APA


The full episode selected for this essay is about Smoothie King. The link is in the reference page section. The most prevalent job positions were those of the store manager and line leader (Undercover Boss U, video). Guided by this information, this paper compares these two job positions. Besides, it performs a job analysis of each position and describes the methods of collecting information for the job analysis.

A comparison of the two job positions shows that the store managers are fully responsible for the day to day operations of the franchises. For instance, they monitor inputs and outputs and ensure that the store is properly equipped and holding the inventories required. In addition, the store managers monitor the work of the employees and ensure the customers are satisfied at all times. In the episode, these managers are responsible for receiving visitors and new employees, and orienting them into the company’s culture.

On the other hand, the line manager is responsible for monitoring operations along the production line for an important formula used in the production of smoothies. The job description of the line manager is straightforward since it entails ensuring that the production line is fully functional and efficient. On the contrary, store managers are fully responsible and accountable for the success or failure of their stores. A commonality across the job positions is that all the managers are responsible for their employees and the output from their respective sections.

A job analysis of the store manager and line manager shows that both jobs entail tasks, duties, working conditions, and responsibilities that are nearly similar. For instance, the tasks include monitoring operations around organization. The duties include managing other employees and resources. Additionally, the managers have to report to the franchisee when necessary. The managers monitor inputs and outputs generated by the firm. Both line and store managers are responsible for the daily operations and decision making. The working conditions of these jobs is demanding and thus, require a strong personality. The managers also require good communication and interpersonal skills to keep the employees together and engage customers on the quality of services received.

Conducting a job analysis requires a deeper understanding of the stated job position. In this case, the information presented on the job analysis for the line and store managers was collected from the engagement between the CEO and the different managers across Smoothie Kings franchises. The on-on-one sessions helped highlight the responsibilities, duties, tasks, and working conditions for the managers (Morgeson et al., 98). Additional information was collected from digital databases on the responsibilities of managers.

A job description for a store manager at Smoothies could involve the following. The manager should be enthusiastic about all duties involved in recruiting and appraising employees. The process entails interviewing, hiring, leading, and developing the teams to provide superior customer value. Secondly, the managers should possess interpersonal skills to initiate and sustain beneficial relationships with suppliers (Lacerenza, 1686). Third, be capable of making flexible and dynamic weekly schedules for the staff. Fourth, help in reviewing the key performance indicators and store environment and recommending improvements to the franchisee. Fifth, fully manage all the other employees between 5 to 15 people. Sixth, manage all the cash activities. Seventh, ensure compliance to government regulations and safety guidelines. Eighth, help keep the store clean at all times.

The job description complies with state and federal regulations since it emphasizes the need for flexible working arrangements so that employees are not overworked. Additionally, it emphasizes the need for a safe and healthy work environment.




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